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Todays News Dec. 19, 2004

We will be making yet another return come Jan. I will be deleting the whole entire raoster leaving maybe 5 guys that I know want to be ~OI. If you wish to remain an Outlaw, please send me an email or call me, thank you..

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You have now entered the world of The Outlaw Immortals This is a New and Revamped Outlaw Immortals Clan of honor and over time friends who play to have fun. We value one another here, and that surpasses any increment in any clan. The skills speak the lingo, we use bullets for word of mouf!

 Recruiting will begin in the middle of January..

We will be making a fresh new start come Jan. Anyone who will not be apart of Outlaw Immortals, leave, if you wish to stay-send me an email; alkatrazaking@hotmail.com If I do not receive an email by Jan, you will be automatically deleted from the roster.

Posted by 21Guns on Sun, Dec. 19 @ 4:28:37pm EST

 DoK will remain Co-Leader

DoK will remain Co-Leader upon my return to Socom as Leader once more. There will be extreme strictness for this clan, we will be elite again

Posted by 21Guns on Sun, Dec 19 @ 12:30:54pm EST

 ~OI will be back in Jan.

We will be back in action come Jan. We will probably be down to 5 people, I am assuming, Dope,DoK,Guns,Dubbz and Buckem. We will build around this nucleous.

Posted by 21Guns on Sun, Dec. 19 @ 4:30:00pm EST

 This will be the last attempt!

We have resurrected a few times to come up short due to people who won't comply with OI rules. If this does not work out, this clan we be no more. Let's do this fellas!

Posted by 21Guns on Sun, Dec 19 @ 12:45:54am EST

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Registration will be open soon so you can lock your clan in!

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