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The Red Hawk

Those born under the sun sign of the Red Hawk are likely
to be adventurious and assertive. Along with creativity,
they harbor a desire to be free and unencumbered. Those
people closest to them may consider them to be a bit
headstrong at times.

The Beaver

Beaver people are industrious and hardworking folks
who are generally blessed with good health. They
cherish peace and security, and those who are born
under this sign are thought to be loyal and stable.

The Deer

Deer people are very often clever, talented individuals
who have a knack for bringing their enthusiasm to their
environment. Those born under this sign love change and
seem to be almost constantly in motion.

The Brown Flicker

Those born under this sign have a strong nesting instinct
and are generally deemed good parents who provide
lovingly for thier children. Brown Flicker people also
seem to have an ability to head problems off before they
really begin.

The Sturgeon

Sturgeon people have a great talent for teaching others.
If they can avoid the tendency to be a bit to domineering,
they are able to hide all their insecurities behind a
positive approach to life.

The Bear

Those born under this sign are usually slow and
cautious, quiet and careful individuals. Bear people
are generally no-nonsense types who do not tolerate
deceit and insecurity in others.

The Raven

Raven people are sociable, talkative folks, full of nervous
energy and fluctuating moods. They are usually very
flexible and adapt well to new environments and

The Snake

Charismatic, but often difficult to understand. Snake
people are often thought of as those who may delve to
deeply into the mysterious and forbidden. Those born
under this sign have the ability to deceive, as well as

The Elk

Elk people are competitive and athletic individuals who
serve as teachers and coaches. Those born under this sign
enjoy traveling and cherish their personal independence.

The Snow Goose

Tradition is important to those born under this sign,
and they search the past in order to find meaningful
guidelines for the future. Hard working folks with
great stamina, they are cautious about making to many
changes in their lives.

The Otter

Although those born under this sign can be thought
unpredictable, they usually prove to be good-natured
friends who seem truly to enjoy helping others. Otter
people are often found in service occupations.

The Cougar

Cougar people, very mystical in nature, are often artists,
writers, and healers, who rely on their intuition to
help them avoid trouble. Perhaps a bit too sensitive,
those born under this sign are easily hurt by rejection
and disapproval.

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