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I am Akhilesh Bharti married to Suman Sharma. We have one daughter named Shrutishravaa which means a girl who listens to Vedas (believed to be God's voice). My date of birth is 07.09.2970. I am working with NIC, which is a major IT department of Government of India spread all over the country. I am presently posted as District Informatics Officer at Bilaspur (H.P.) Yahoo
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My hobbies .. laughing, Poetry, literature, making new friends, learning new things.
My wife Suman Sharma working as Science teacher in BBMB School Sunder Nagar. My daughter Shrutishravaa is 4 years old. My friends I have lot of them and i think the space will not allow me to enter information about all of them. The best is Neeraj Saundh and Sunita Ranot.