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There are few good things about this world with so much pollution, wars, terrorism etc. going on around us. I am one of those good things. For those who haven't had the previlige of knowing me, I am J. Akshay Iyer, living in the world's most beautiful, culturally and spiritually rich country called India. My home is where the "Rome of the east" is. It is the heaven on earth, arguably the most beautiful place on this planet; a place called Goa.
My hobbies comprise of innumerable things. I seem to develop a liking for any new interesting thing that comes my way. But there have been some that have always had me passionate about them (this, of course, incudes females). I like reading, writing (mostly poems), drawing, travelling, music and cricket. But I kinda like all kinds of sports so, u could include soccer, baddy etc. too in the list.
As is with any true Indian, I am very strongly attached to my family and relatives. I love my parents and my brother and thank God for giving me such a wondeful family. I am also lucky to have some of the best people as my friends. These people have always inspired me with their qualities and always stood beside me in my times of difficulties. Madhu, Saurabh, Mahesh, Deepak, Shailen, Kunal, Vishal, Abhay, Kapil, Vidya, Neelu, Prachi, Appu, Naina, Tapti are just few to mention. To all those, whose names could not be mentioned, my sincere apologies to them. It is only due to space constraints that their names could not be included here. :)