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Sound Healing

Our Healing Meditation Hall in India, Para-Tan Sound Healing
Our Healing Meditation Hall in India

We are joyous to invite all to visit the site where a temple of Self-Healing is to be constructed with the blessing of the Divine Mother, who helps those who seeking self-help, with Para-Tan Sound Healing. For the present moment we have constructed a meditation hall where all the healing will take place. With Para-Tan Sound Healing, we use Her mantras to strengthen our total body/brain endocrine glandular system to boost our immune system against all sorts of body ailments.

Sound and words are a gift to humanity

As human, we are privileged to have been endowed with the power of intelligent speech. Words can work wonders, some can make us laugh, some lull us to sleep, and some injure our feelings, and some can make us become motivated to achieve deed beyond our imagination.

A bullet, an arrow, and a word once released, cannot be retrieved, thus, we have to be very cautious in the usage of words.

Mantra is a combination of sacred syllables which spiritual energy.

The sages of ancient time and even today knew the healing power of mantras, and passed on the knowledge to their disciples orally. The scientific use of mantra is very potent, and can be used to heal most chronic diseases

Mantras recited in the right tone can give a resonant sonic vibration to the various chakras in our body. In modern time, we have just realized that Light and Sound is the greatest tool available to mankind for the purpose of self-healing

In Yoga, the mantra is a mystical formula, an incantation, which aids the individual to liberate the self and attain bliss and ultimate fulfillment.
By Sadguru Sant Keshavadas

Sounds are vibration, which gives rise to definite forms. The repeated chanting of the name of the Lord gradually builds up the form or special manifestation of the deity worshipped (the Devata), acts as a focus to concentrate this influence, which then penetrates, and become the center of consciousness of the worshiper.

The Devata is the presiding deity of the mantra, the informing power, a very personal God. It is the wisdom that comes from a higher source and is like a single beam of sunlight, one beam that is singled out and given a name so that the disciple can develop personal relationship and worship as aspect of God that he or she can understand. In the beginning, God is too awesome for the human mind to grasp and only later can the Divine Energy be perceived in its pure form.

Each Mantra has a Bija or seed. This is the essence of the Mantra and gives it special power – self-generating power. Just as within a seed is hidden a tree, so the energy in the Mantra is the seed from which will grow a beautiful spiritual being.
By Swami Sivananda Sarasvati, one of India great spiritual Master.

Every mantra has six aspects, a Seer, a melody, a presiding deity, a seed sound, power and pillar.

The seers, through their intuitive perception, opened themselves to the revelation of the Mantras and were able to recognize their own effectiveness as channels for the flow of grace, knowledge and power of the Divine. These ancient seers understood their powers were intended to be used in the service of others, as a guide to humanity.

The Mantras were transmitted from generation to generation from Guru to disciple, and in this process, the power of the Mantras was greatly increased.

{With Para-Tan Sound healing, we use 'Bija'-mantras (short core mantras like Om) due to is strong resonant sonic vibration it work at the deepest level, directly with your 'cellular memory' thus helping you clear long held emotional and physical blocks. This can be experienced either in One-to-One sessions or in a safe and loving group of people: a Healing Circle. Through reciting the mantras, we create a loving space to channel the higher energies that provide healing on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.}
From an early age I have had a very special affinity for the Divine Mother Kali, and about 14 years ago she gave me the blessing to channel the art of healing that has been long lost or hidden. It is her desire that this knowledge be available to all who are ready to give their lives to serve humanity. An ideal way of worship and love making at the same time, apart from it healing power, it also help one to evolve spiritually.

In the modern world of pollution and polluted living, I do not want to biologically be seventy when I am 60, which is in a few months. Dying is not my worry, as I have come face to face with death many times in my adventurous life, but I want to die feeling young, walking and living fit without being burdened with old age diseases like many within our society who suffer with old age illness at a young age.

With this in mind, I started using Mantras with Agni and {Sound and Light} meditation to see the effect on my body/mind system. The result has been very good and I started experiencing the rush of bio-energy current in my hands and feet and in my third eye, the space between my two eyebrows, known as the eye of Lord Shiva. This gave me the impetus to continue this divine journey of discovering the healing secrets of mantra, thus the birth of Para-Tan Sound healing.

In the beginning it started off as breathing mantra within a circle know as dynamic meditation, it did well to move past emotional pain, but it needed at least 10 to 12 fully committed participants to make each session to be effective. Then, one day, while I was meditation in front of Mother Kali, she instructed me to use sound into the bodies of people. For years it was ok to do exactly what I have been instructed to do, but some how felt that it was more an individual base healing practice, rather then a collective process. Then it was time to speak to my Divine Mother again, and this time she did not say much, except let me carry on as usual, then when I was in The Netherlands, July 2003, there I was instructed on the concept of a healing circle. Since then it has been a growing period for me, and for many others, both in health and wisdom.

My family and friend who knew me in the late 80s are surprise to see that I have grown more vibrant, and still look young and active for my age. In the eighties I used to drink like a fish and dance like a dance performer. It was my daily habit until 1990, when suddenly one day I decided to stop my excessive drinking habit, for it was damaging my body and mind. Thank to my Divine Mother Kali for helping me bloom into a new entity every new day and daily repairing my body cells with the healing art, she blessed me. Cells, which become infected with emotional memories, tend too, in the long run become an illness. For more information on emotional memories and illness, please click the link below http://www.tantra-ifc-the-art-of-conscious-love.com/emotional_memories.html

The health system in the US and other western countries has developed to such an extent that the average person cannot successfully administer to the need of the family, even for minor aches and pains, without resorting to the use of drugs. The system has increased to such a point of dependence, exploitation, and impotence that the people are experiencing a great deal of frustration. The public spends billions of dollars for both prescription drugs and non-prescription drugs a year and they do not need two-third of them, it is time we take stock of what is going on in the health field.

The alternative method that we are presenting is not intended to replace the medical field, and we are not trying to keep the public away from doctors, drugs or surgery whenever they need them. It is an attempt to prevent some of the needless surgery and medication that are been given for the sole purpose of satisfying the demand that sometimes must be done when a symptom is present.

I cannot believe that humans today are meant to learn to live with pain. Pain is the final alarm before some lives threatening illness manifest. Let us all awake, and know that pain is not our sister, brother or mother, as such we do not have to live with it.

Up until now, mantras are used primarily for worship, as part of ritual or meditation. For the first time it is used as a worship-healing practice. In the olden day, one had too first learned Mantras, and then spending long times practicing these mantras, some are know to have taken years, before the benefit is realized. Now one can receive the same benefits from a trained therapist, either, in India or the Netherlands. With Para-Tan Sound healing, One worships One’s partner as one would worship the Sricakra, for all the Devatas who reside within the Sricakra resides within every human, all that we need to do is to activate them. In a Sricakra, there are 43 triangles, and 43 Devatas, and so it is in our body. Ardhanariswara, half Shiva and Half Shakti is a graphic portrayal of the union of the Divine forces, the same should be experienced while the healing process is taking place, where by the male and female within dances together as one. Duality must not be experienced during the whole process of the healing, for energy is within one, and not duality. For this reason we always have a female therapist to help heal a male, and a male therapist to help heal a female. The Microcosm or the individual unit is a part of the Macrocosm, and is the same as it is.

How it works

Generally, by following Hatha Yoga and performing Laya Karma, and asanas, or postures, accompanied with meditation, mantra chanting, and visualization techniques, one is able to activate the latent energy that works with the autonomic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. This are linked with the ganglia constituting the main plexus. The dormant energy is directed towards the highest place, the seventh chakra, which is known as the set of consciousness.

Nadis are linked to the chakras, and the central channel, Sushuma plays a vital role in Yoga and Tantric practice. The nadis becomes the channel for the Mantra Sounds to travel on their pathway to different parts of the body. According to Tantric treatise Shiva Samhita, there are fourteen principle nadis of these Ida, Pingala and Sushumna are considered the most important, and the first 10 are connected to the 10 gates or opening of the body, Sound and energy also uses this gates to nourish the body.

1st Sushumna the fontanel, 2nd Ida the left nostril, 3rd Pingala the right nostril, 4th Gandhari the left eye 5th Hastajihva the right eye 6th Yashasvini the left ear 7th Pusha the right ear, 8th Alambusha the mouth 9th Kuhu the genitals, 10th Shankhini the anus. There is the 11th gate which is seldom spoken about, and that is the Navel, the main gate to our soul, from cradle to the grave.

That is the general rule, but with us, we move the energy from the 6th chakra to the 2nd, clearing the pathway, and then travel up from the 2nd to the 6th, moving the dormant energy upwards in a very safe and gentle manner. During this process, the energy and vibration produced by the Mantra frees the receiver from being potential victim off old memories. These memories can than manifest in the body as illnesses, or even a Tumor, breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men, chronic fatigue, depression, menstrual disorder, disorder in the productive organ in a woman, which is quite common these days even with young women. The healing effect is felt by all who form the circle, as long and the intend and focus is there.

This healing process acts on two fronts, on one hand it heals, on the other hand it also help you to evolve spiritually, without having to spend years of asanas, accompanied with meditation, mantra chanting, and visualization techniques.


We offer healers training in both India and the Netherlands. I will be pleased to travel to any part of the world to share the powerful healing art that the Divine Mother has blessed me. As my schedule is full for this year, and some part of next year, please write to me now to find a suitable date for year 2005.

To learn the method it only take a few week, but to understand and to be one with the work it will take months or even years. A real healer of this art must be a true lover without attachment, without need for gratification, and without the ego that can make the therapist feel bigger then the process. The full essence of the Srichakra must be felt within the bone marrow before the process of the healing can become effective. Some student after have read a few introductive books about the Mahavidyas have made claims that they are masters of the art.


bankcard_donations.gif (1040 bytes)Please send us as little as $27 every 6 months or whatever amount that you can to the poor forgotten community, HOMELESS WOMEN and HELP STREET KIDS in South India.  There are about 50 million street kids in India that need help.

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