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As of February 2004 our Master's teaching will only be available in India, USA, The Netherlands and Australia. We now have a Tantric Learning center at 118/1b Killankulam Village, Periyur Taluk, Madurai Dist, South India

At the center we will be offering Certified courses on the following.

1.    Para-Tan Sound healing
2.    Tantric Sensual Massage
3.    Goddess worship and Puja
4.    Body honoring

We will be providing private healing sessions for most emotional related illness. Our Master has been in the healing field for more then 25 years.

Tantric Pilgrimage to India, for serious minded pilgrims

Starts from Madurai on the 26th of November to the 16th of December - your sharing will be Euro 1134 for 21 days, all your expenses including tailored made cloths that will be befitting to visit temples.

Tantric Workshop Tour

Tantra Teacher's Training
Tantra Teacher's Training, four-Level diploma program is designed to provide Tantrika's (person practicing Tantra) with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide safe, effective, and ethical care. Each Level is for a period of 3 months

The ultimate adventure of discovering all the Tantric Temples in South India.
We read of the problems between Pakistan and India, and this problem is only in the Northern Tip of India, and in the south it is free from all the trouble. When flying into India either fry into Mumbai or Chennai, and it will be safe.

Women's Network
We currently offer FREE MEMBERSHIP to Women who are out there wanting to help bring joy and love into the live of their community. No adult works in the name of Tantra or also know as Goddess will be listed in this site.

We offer Vedic Horoscopes that will help you mold your life towards a very successful life, by understanding what your past karma is and how to change it. Let our experts help you.

Come and experience 
Conscious Loving

Tantric Master Sri Param Eswaran

Come and explore all about Tantra, Tantric Wedding, Yoni Healing, Agni Home, Healing Mantra, sensual massage and more.

Tantric Master Sri Param Eswaran reveals knowledge, which has been hidden for 1000s of years, to YOU.

Click here to send your donation. We accept Bank card, Visa, and Master card. We will send you a receipt so that you can get tax deduction.


bankcard_donations.gif (1040 bytes)Please send us as little as $27 every 6 months or whatever amount that you can to the poor forgotten community, HOMELESS WOMEN and HELP STREET KIDS in South India.  There are about 50 million street kids in India that need help.

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118/1b Killankulam Village, Periyur Taluk, Madurai Dist, South India

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