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Meditation Hall at Tantra Temple project

We have just built an Inter Faith Meditation hall, be suiting the funds available.

Over the years I have taken many divine souls on pilgrimages to South India, traveling from the very tip of India, a place know as Kanyakumari, where the Virgin Mother resides, to the Central states of India. This land that I have traveled to has always fascinated believers, non-believers, philosophers, writers and painters who have all come to India because it offer such an intriguing mix of sight, sound and experience.

These holy places are called "mokshadayika" because they promise the pilgrim the supreme liberation of Moksha. Going to this ancient temples and worshipping will fees one from the burden of one's past actions and also liberates one from endless cycle of births and deaths. So that when we gain Moksha, our soul can merge with the supreme oneness. Lots of the old temples are sacred places charged the power of goddess and gods and resonant of purity. This temples were given life by great spiritual giants of the past, both priest and saints.

For Hindus, the landscape itself like hills, rivers, trees, rocks, pools and the sea are all holy. Rivers like the Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Godavari and the Kaveri are especially sacred so are hills like Kailach and Arunachala. All of Nature and the animals are see as sacred part of creation. In modern India, this place has taken a lesser importance in society, especially the temple, where most of the important rituals have become a rare practice. 

The temples of the first millennium were also centers of culture, as scholars and musicians, dancers, poets and painters would gather. There were hall where pilgrims stay or perform Yajnas, which is missing from all the temples. I would have personally like to have stayed in temples so that I may also receive the same blessings and energy as my forefather who were pilgrims. To sleep in the temples is to receive the spiritual power that is within the wall of the temple that has been generated over centuries, instead of that I live in hotels.


bankcard_donations.gif (1040 bytes)Please send us as little as $27 every 6 months or whatever amount that you can to the poor forgotten community, HOMELESS WOMEN and HELP STREET KIDS in South India.  There are about 50 million street kids in India that need help.

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118/1b Killankulam Village, Periyur Taluk, Madurai Dist, South India

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