I have built a collection of Modern Postal History of India (1947-1997), that was exhibited in 1997. Since then I wanted to record the achievements, events, various Postal facilities and services, which were introduced and/or withdrawn during the last 50 years.
If we look back, we will find that in last 50 years many postal services were introduced out of which some were revised and few were discontinued. The facility of minimum two deliveries in a day has become history. Postal service's labels, clear brass cancellations, time slug in cancellations and delivery postmarks are not found any more.

There are many facts which are either not known to collectors. There were many postal services, which are not even known today. My study on Modern Postal History of India will move year wise in the following pages and all events/achievements/services/ rules/regulations/facilities are numbered chronologically.

-Ashok Kumar Bayanwala

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