Lands for sale at Gili Air


If you buy lands in Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air to avoid duplicate certificate, we have letter of agreement from owner lands for sale their properties on those Gili's (isle) areas

We sell properties direct by owner, property owners directly and also we sale property listed by owner fast selling, we nothing involved on the side other part of broker and more brokers, we to avoid unreasonable prices, our property prices in Lombok are still reasonable and good price, our property for sale for executives domestic and overseas investors in Lombok island Indonesia

Lands or sale Gili Air

Lands for sale Gili Air 50.000sqm available sub divide min 1 hectare each
Sunrise and Sunset view!
Perfect villas, restaurants, private home, small hotel or resort development
Price : Rp.21.000.000/100sqm are negotiable and more the red flag are availability land for sale Gili Air as the bellow click visit more detail land for sale Gili Air. updated January 2007


Gili Air Information

Gili Air is the nearest Gili to Lombok.  It is also the most populated and you will find more trees there than the other Gili's.  The original inhabitants are from Southern Sulawesi consisting of three main ethnicities; Mandar, Bugis and Makassar.  It is the only island where you can find their unique culture that is different from Lombok and wonderful beaches.  Many of the older generation still make their living as boatmen, fisherman and farming coconuts.


1.Gili Indah Hotel
2. Bamboo Cottages
3.Pondok Gili Air Bungalows
4.Garden Cottages
5.Bupati’s Place
6.Resota Cottages
7.Nusa Tiga Cottages
8.Mawar Bungalows
9.Sunrise Hotel & Restaurant
10.Pino Bungalows & Restaurant
11.Gili Beach Inn
12.Gita Gili Bungalow
13.Villa Bulan Madu
14.Gili Air Cottages
15.Coconut cottage & Restaurant
16.Fantastic Bungalow
17.Gusung Indah Cottages
18.Hotel Gili Air (Han’s)
19.Legend Bungalow & Pub
20.Hink Bungalow
21.Rose Bungalow
22.Salabose Bungalow
23.Lucky Cottages & restaurant
24.Safari Cottages
25.Sunset Cottages & Restaurant

Map Of Gili Air





Lucky's Bungalows & Restaurant: has an excellent view of the sunset and Mt. Agung in Bali. Tasty food! Try their Sasak food and grilled fish.

Perama Ofiice (1)
Blue Marlin Dive Center (16)
Dream Divers (9)
Go Go Pub (6)
Reefseekers Pro Dive (1)
Wartel (1)


Sunrise Bungalows & Restaurant: relax in a Sasak style bungalow with the best snorkeling site at your doorstep. A must to try is the pizza! Perhaps the best in Gili Air.

Perama Ofiice (1)
Blue Marlin Dive Center (16)
Dream Divers (9)
Go Go Pub (6)
Reefseekers Pro Dive (1)
Wartel (1)


On the Island of Gili Air, a local dive shop is trying to protect the sea turtle population around Lombok. They have four pens dedicated to reintroduce and conserve Hawk’s Bill and Green turtles. Turtle eggs are saved from human consumption and replanted in the ground for a period of about two months.  After hatching, the turtles crawl to the surface and placed into holding pens.  At birth they are no larger than a matchbox!  It is also difficult to determine their actual species.

The turtles are kept for roughly seven months living on a protein diet of chopped fish. The pens they live in have their water changed twice daily, this keeps their environment clean and helps prevent viral and bacterial problems. If a problem does occur the sick turtle is isolated straight away to prevent cross contamination. The turtles need to be kept for this length of time as this affords them the greatest chance of survival. They are already the size that enables

them to sleep under the water surface, lodged in amongst the coral fissures.  Thus minimizing their loss from predation.  At birth, in the natural world, a turtle has less than 0.1% chance of survival from the project, located at Reef seekers, Gili Air, it is estimated that the released turtles have up to a 30% survival rate.  To date more than 500 turtles have been released in the two years of operation of the well controlled turtle facility


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