I am well aware that most, if not all of the images on my site, are copyrighted by someone somewhere. Ask me if I care. I mean, these are simply fan homage to some things that I happen to like in this world. It's not as if I am using these for financial purposes or anything. Those who would argue that I'm using these to plug for Geocities or Yahoo! are fucking out of their minds. I am stating here and now that Geocities sucks it all and that the hyper-capitalists at Yahoo! are never satisfied and so, they fuck with their pages all of the time, causing untold instances of failed mail retrieval and page building. I'm using Geocities because I'm looking for a better page builder at the moment. Until the holy grail is found, I will continue to live my life through the same bitter irony that has never left my side.
Abby Travis


Cable Guy


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