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Tuesday, April 02, 2002
And now I finally got my very first original LP by Snowy Red, after a long time with just a CDR copy of the Right to Die, I finally caught the original, and I consider myself really luck, cause this is in perfect condition the vinyl sounds great, no snap, no skips. This LP contains some of the greatest hits by Snowy Red, Euroshima and Never Alive, funny how great a home recording could be, no? Yes, this is mentioned to be recorded at home!
Getting back to the Portion Control subject, after a better listen and some reading, one interesting story is that the Skinny Puppy demo was refused by Third Mind Records because Skinny Puppy, sounded too much like Portion Control, can you believe that? comparing the material from Simulate Sensual LP with the Skinny Puppy demo, the similarity is scary! The vocals by Ogre are awfully similar with the vox of the early Portion Control songs... coincidence? maybe not, as far as I know Skinny Puppy may have been influenced by Portion Control at least a bit, considering another influence, Legendary Pink Dots in case, who were from In Phaze Music, same label of Portion Control at that time.

Thursday, March 21, 2002
Just a quick thing,
one of my best set lists in my opinion.
Tribantura - Getting hurt or killed
Force Dimension - Dance to the algorhythm (special club mix)
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto (dub mix)
Noise Control - My Fight
Posie Noire - Dark Number (remix, a verso do EP "Pity for the self")
Voltage Control - Antithesis Song
Signal Aout 42 - Pleasure and Crime (verso original do 12" de 1986)
Vomito Negro - Back to earth
Code Industry - Race against the future
Severed Heads - Propellor
Edwards & Armani - Up & Down
Lords of Acid - I must increase my bust
Pleasure Game - Le Dormeur
Terror Against Terror - By any means necessary
Bigod 20 - Body to Body (razormaid) (a request)
Amnesia - Ibiza (Euro - Acid - Mix )(same)
I could not let it pass by; )

And today I finally got my very first Portion Control LP, Simulate sensual in case, its very primitive electronic music, early minimal electronics from the 80-82 period.

Tuesday, February 12, 2002
Hi people, Ill be away for a while, I was victim of urban violence, and will take a rest in the next days to come, also its quite hard to do something without my glasses. about my health, Im 80% ok, going to be brand new again in some days.
Most important of all, I want to give big thanx to my friends who supported me in such hard moments, I dunno what would be of me without them now!
And thanx god I have hard bones; )

Monday, January 28, 2002
Im auctioning some items for a belgian friend at ebay, take a look if youre interested.

Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs - live tape from 85, this is the pre Klinik live tape youve heard so much about. This is the Body Tapes release, not the first pressing by 3Rio Art.

V/A Electronic LP - aaaaaah if he did not want so much for this one... Id get it for myself, lots of rare tracks by different artists, including Front Line Assembly, Force Dimension, Absolute Body Control and more!!!

Force Dimension - S/T LP - the red version of the debut Force Dimension LP, this is said to be the best version by most fans. For those who dont know this band, any EBM/Industrial inthousiast should at least take a time to know them, this is dutch EBM at its best, in the same vein of bands like A Split Second and Front 242.

Merzbow - Mixed Total - Raw material by Total, decomposed by Merzbow this ltd ed tape: 177 of 250 / Decay Prod.

Sonar - Live tape - this is an official tape released by Escape3 Organisation, recorded live at das Rind, Russelheim, Germany 1997.
End of advertisement.

Saturday, January 26, 2002
Some quick, but very important news.
Vomito Negros new album has a release date, may 15th, they will be available for concerts from august 2002 on, see more about it at my Vomito Negro site.

Monday, January 07, 2002
Ive made an update, Ive added a few band links, Ill just mention a few for now, as there are too many, also, Ive updated some broken links.

Code Industry - this band was a mix between EBM and the typical Detroit techno, unfornately, they did not last much, maybe they could have made it. Its also the only all black EBM band that Ive ever heard of.

Crispy Ambulance - weird name, no? this band is apparently an early Factory Records band, they were very underestimated due to comparisons with Joy Division, although I personally think theyve got nothing to do with JD, Crispy Ambulance moves into a more experimental way, getting much closer to the industrial realm rather than the post punk context.

Smersh - electro industrial madness made with tape loops, guitars, and who knows what else? This band used to be compared to the Severed Heads at Kks catalog, compared the early days of SH, the experimentation with tape loops is their common point for me, the only song from them in my collection is the armoured man dub, really worth a listen!

Snowy Red - shall we name it Tecno Pop, Synth Pop, New Wave or New Beat? Or even goth! Ive seen this band in compilations of all these kinds! Snowy Red is one of those very simply structured yet sofisticated electronic bands, its a proof that you can do decent music with just a few layers. Snowy Red was also famous during the new beat period, apparently their only real hit was Euroshima (Wardance), The Long Run and Break Down (both with Nikki Mono) were hits too, yet not as famous as Euroshima.

Ive also updated the webrings, Ive deleted all the ones I was not really in, as my girl was responsible for this, I did not edit this page for years!!!! unbelievable!

Wednesday, January 02, 2002
just to let you all know, all audiogalaxy groups have been deleted.
Ive remade mine, Age Old Fashion, to spare time just click here.
This groups is about old fashioned electronics, like EBM, New Beat, Industrial, Minimal, etc...
have fun.