Photographic processing is both an art and a science. This is what attracted me to photography in the first place I have always loved science and since I write music as a passtime I guess there is a little of the artist in me as well. Photographic processing can be as simple as placing the film in a plastic tank and pouring in some pre-mixed bottled developer or as complicated as creating your own formula for a developer and experimenting with the film, developer, paper combination. In this section of the databse I will include information on the Silver process, The equipment used, and the chemistry. Please Do not take my ramblings as gospel. Much of the art of photography is personal preference and taste. My experiences are by no means the do all and end all of photography. Some areas of the science of photography are deffinately without dispute, however. Such as what each component of the developer chemistry does. Have fun!

A photographic chemistry lesson
The equipment
The How to of processing
Alternative Processes