Greater Indianapolis Chrysalis Community
De Colores!!
Welcome to the Greater Indianapolis Chrysalis Community's home page. For those of you who are familiar with Emmaus, we are the youth version of that. This page includes information for people interested in Chrysalis and for our butterflies. I hope you can find what you need, if not you can contact our community here
General Information about Chrysalis
WHO should go on Chrysalis?
Catepillar  Application
Other Helpful Links
Purpose of the Chrysalis Movement
Upcoming Chrysalis Flights link for february: FCA BIBLE COACH -use it to find anything in the Bible!
For our community members:
Team Service Application
Greater Indianapolis Emmaus site
Reunion Groups Board Meeting Dates Tips on being a sponsor
Community Event Dates
Greater Indianapolis Chrysalis Community MSN Site - utilize this site for downloading applications, messageboards, and more!!
So who exactly is the Greater Indianapolis Chrysalis Community Board? Find out HERE!
This page is dedicated to Ben Bedel, Marshal Wolfe, Kenny Fisher, and Chris Sullivan. May your memories live, and may those many lives that you have touched prosper. We will miss you guys.
             Fly with Christ!!!!
This site last updated on 02/9/2004