1. The ultralight area is located in the sod, just north of Airport Boulevard and extending northeast from Mt. Comfort Road

2. Pattern altitude - 400 foot AGL, (1260 foot MSL). All ultralight traffic must be 400 AGL, (1260 MSL), foot or below within 2 miles of Mt. Comfort Airport.

3. Approaches and departures will be to the west of the ultralight area. All ultralight traffic must stay to the north of Airport Boulevard.

4. DO NOT overfly people, parked aircraft and cars, ramps, main runways and taxi ways, homes or hangers.

5. There will be a "Press Show" between 1400 EST and 1600 EST on Friday, and a "Air Show" between 1200 EST and 1700 EST on Saturday and Sunday. The airport is closed to all air traffic during the "Press Show" on Friday and the "Air Shows" on Saturday and Sunday, except to the press show and air show performers. This means no aircraft, including ultralights, may land or take off during these times. Please plan your arrival or departure, so as not to conflict with the airport closings.

6. Use 123.40 for ultralight communications. Monitor 123.4 before arrival for information concerning active runway and traffic. A temporary general aviation control tower will be operating on 118.675.

7 The ultralight area Air Boss will be on the east end of the ultralight runway. If he/she gives you a green paddle, or light, it is clear to land or take off. If he/she gives you a red paddle, or light, it is not clear for you to land or take off.

8. Landing ultralights will have the right away over ultralights taking off.

9. No engine running in the parking area. Engines MUST be shut down before entering parking area. Ultralights MUST be pushed out of the parking area before starting the engine. A "Follow Me" golf cart will be available to assist in moving aircraft.

10. Pilots MUST register at the "Ultralight Registration tent". The "Ultralight Registration tent" will be located on the south side of the ultralight parking area. The cost of admission will be waived for fly-in participants. However, donations to Riley Children's Hospital will be appreciated.


Our ultralight runway is a 2500 foot sod runway, and is located on the northwest side of Mt. Comfort Airport. The ultralight runway, (7/25) is just north of, and parallel to Airport Boulevard. Below, you will see a map of the Mt. Comfort Airport and the ultralight runway. The ultralight runway is depicted in black, and the pattern is depicted in red. You can see that ultralights will be entering the pattern from the west and exiting the pattern to the west. If the wind is out of the west, we will flying a right hand pattern. Enter the pattern by flying over the beans on the north side of the airport. Please take care after crossing Mt. Comfort Road, not to fly over people or cars. The departure would be strait off ultralight runway 25 to the west. For an east wind, you should come in over Mt. Comfort Road and strait into the ultralight runway 7. The take off will be to the east with a left hand pattern over the bean field to the north side of the airport. Please stay clear of the General Aviation traffic pattern for runway's 7/25 and 16/34. Please be advised that the Ultralight area, including the runway, taxi strip and parking area may be just a little rough. Please use the north side, (near the bean field), for taxi strip.


The above picture is looking to the west from the east end of the Ultralight Runway 25.
Note Airport Boulevard on the south and shallow drainage ditches on each side.
Farm crops are on the north side.

The above picture is looking to the east from the west end of the Ultralight Runway 7.
Note Airport Boulevard on the south and shallow drainage ditches on each side.
Farm crops are on the north side.

The above picture is looking at the ultralight registration tent.
Airport Boulevard is located to the left.


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