Yoga with Yogi


I offer Yoga classes in Carmel, Zionsville and Indianapolis.

Group Classes - Schedule and Fees<<< click here

You can join one of my existing classes. Or, if you have a place to practice and a group that is interested, we may be able to form a class at your workplace, business, or home. Current classes are in Carmel, Zionsville, and Indianapolis north.

Corporate or Office Yoga<<< click here

I can come to your workplace and conduct a class there.  Yoga reduces stress, increases energy and awareness, and gives the practitioner an overall sense of health and well being.


About the Instructor

Yogi Carpenter> was born in India, where Yoga has it's roots, and moved to Indiana when he was just two years old.  His father was a medical doctor and surgeon who practiced yoga daily, believing that yoga was the best form of exercise for overall health maintenance.  Yogi began learning yoga from his father as a child. He was active in sports and studied martial arts during high school and college. The stretching, breathing, and mental focus learned practicing yoga enhanced the sports and martial arts. It's always been a part of his life.  Yogi is now 50 and teaches yoga full time. He was given the name 'Yogi' at birth and jokingly says that this means he was born a yoga teacher (or maybe he's serious!). Yogi is certified to teach both hatha and raja yoga. 

Call for more information:

(317)  251-4990