My Number One Favorite Right Now
As you can see I've added the page on Orlando Bloom!  Finally got it all finished and ready to go.  But I need more links for it.  Send in your Orlando sites please!  I also need more Dan Radcliffe sites for his page.  So send those in too!  As always, more star pages on the way!
Aaron Carter
Ashton Kutcher
Benjamin McKenzie
Billy Boyd
Clay Aiken
Colin Farrell
Dan Radcliffe
David Gallagher
Dominic Monaghan
Drake Bell
JC Chasez
Johnny Depp
Justin Timberlake
Lance Bass
Lil' Romeo
Nick Cannon
Orlando Bloom
Peter Facinelli
Rupert Grint
Shia LaBeouf
Tom Felton
Viggo Mortensen
Wade Robeson
Do I even need to explain why Orlando Bloom is number one?  Just LOOK!  He's the hottest person in maybe the entire world.  He's also the reason that many teenage girls hate Kate Bosworth!
Second And Third Places
Dominic Monaghan
As a hobbit he's not that hot, but when he's just being himself he's one of the hottest actors from the movie.
Second Place
Third Place
Johnny Depp.
I was watching Pirates Of The Carribean (which I got just to see Orlando Bloom), and I noticed that he's also.  (I know, why that movie, right?)  He's probably one of the only people who can make looking like a pirate hot.
If you've got a suggestion for another guy, send it.  I'll consider it.

Also, if you have ideas for this site in general.  I wanna grow to be a bigger, better site!  I'll credit people that give pics or that come up with amazing ideas. 

If anyone knows a site with good free polls...let me know.  I've tried several and none have worked for me yet.

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