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Rock Brigade: Def Leppard Fansite Webring
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Rock Brigade Webring is maintained by: YOUR NAME HERE

This webring was formed in an attempt to link all of the active fan sites in the Def Leppard community together into an easily navigated loop.  All of us have this fun little hobby for the same purpose - to support the band by giving fans places to go to learn more about them - so why not join together in some way and make it easier for everyone to surf through the myriad of tribute/fan sites available?  It's fast, it's simple, it will hopefully increase traffic for all Leppard fan sites by making them easier to find and best of all - it's FREE! Our favorite four letter word!! (Well, besides L-O-V-E of course.  And maybe C-A-S-H.)

It's simple stuff - First thing to do is see if your site is eligible!  There are only a few simple rules you must follow:

  1. Content must be 90% related to Def Leppard as a band or one of its members.  This is, after all, a Def Leppard webring - fans who surf it will be looking primarily for this content.

  2. The site must contain more than just a splash page and/or one page of information (it must be an actual site you can surf). Groups are certainly welcome to join (though they must follow the rest of these rules to be eligible) as long as the webring navigation is placed somewhere for visitors to continue surfing the ring. If you are a moderator of a Yahoo group and cannot use the ring code on your actual group navigation page, a solution may be to have a splash page in which to join/enter your group on which you can place the ring.

  3. Sites/groups that apply must NOT contain fan fiction/excessive lusting - we want all of the sites in the ring to be of interest to both sexes and friendly to those of various ages.

  4. Sites/groups that contain flame material or useless gossip and disrespect the band, former members of the band, girlfriends, wives, children and/or fellow fans will not be welcome.

  5. Sites/groups must be kept updated. We're not talking anything major, just let us all know you're still an active part of the community so we don't mistake your site for being abandoned!

  6. And last: The ring MUST be placed on an easily accessible part of your website. Having it tucked away somewhere where surfers of the ring can't go on to the next site sort of defeats the purpose, wouldn't you say? The main page is a preferable place to keep it: it's easy for all involved so those surfing the ring don't have to search for the navigation to continue. If having it on the main page is not possible, placing it on a links page is acceptible as long as it is easy to find.

The ring moderators will surf the ring regularly to make sure that the featured sites/groups are in compliance with the rules - those who aren't in compliance will be warned and made temporarily inactive until the problem is corrected. This is all about keeping the Leppard fan community a harmonious place to be!

WANT TO JOIN??  Of course you do - the more sites we can link, the better!

YES, YES, I WANT TO ADD MY SITE!! SIGN ME UP!! - er, I mean - Sure, that's cool. Whatever. I've got some time.

ALREADY A RING MEMBER and want to edit your site listing?  Well, here ya go then!

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Have a question that isn't answered here or ready to pull your hair out 'cuz you can't get it to work right? Give us a shout! We'd be happy to help.

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