Marie Antoinette

The Teen Queen

Marie Antoinette

The life and times of  Marie Antoinette, the Archduchess of Austria, who later became the Queen of France at age 15 when she married Louis XVI.

 She is best known for her legendary excess and her execution at the height of the French Revolution.

Marie Quotes

If they have no bread, Let them eat cake.

Courage! I have shown it for years; think you I shall lose it at the moment when my sufferings are to end?

I was a queen, and you took away my crown; a wife, and you killed my husband; a mother, and you deprived me of my children. My blood alone remains: take it, but do not make me suffer long.

There is nothing new except what has been forgotten

It is quite certain that in seeing the people who treat us so well despite their own misfortune, we are more obliged than ever to work hard for their happiness

Marie Antoinette

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