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Welcome to the 4th Infantry Division Homepage.

   Victory always belong to those that believe in it the most ... and believe in it the longest.
28 March 2002

First and foremost, the league match will now take on friday at 9 pm Eastern Time.

Second, we winned an extremly messy and difficult match, I will not get in details, but we won by a final score of : 17-13 on 30 objective rounds agaisnt the [EASY] Company who are part of the 70th ID.

27 March 2002

Go see the roster of the 2 games we will play tomorow, its in the War Room.

At 4:00 pm EST, 8:00 CET, id like to have a general meeting in the chat room. I have a lot of thing to talk with you all. So whoever who can make it are very welcome. I will post the teams that will take place on our match thursday later in the night. See ya.

The Fox-Hound sub-division need a leader. The members who want leadership are : Spc. Shimarama, Cpl. Earl Clarence or FSg. Sepaku. We want your vote to tell us who you want for leader of this sub-division. To vote send a e-mail to LtC. Kayne or Col. Field. You have until friday morning to make cast your vote. The leader will have to arrange match and communicate with the members of this squad. And the leader will have to work close with me as the leader to arrange match. Cause we are first and for all the 4th Infantry Division, so I dont want to split the clan apart.

26 March 2002

Good news all. Finally well have our first league match on thursday at 9 pm eastern time. I'll communicate with the members that will take place in this match. Also go look our new section : Console Commands. You all have to have the console on for the week cause we'll play a lot. We will also have a scrim against the [Easy Company] of the 70th ID. A 8 vs 8 players on their dedicated servers. The scrim will take place on thursday at 2 pm ET, 8 pm CET. Those who want to play in the scrim communicate with me there is 5 places left. I'll decide the final team. Its possible that no Eagle-Squand members will take place in that scrim cause they will play the same day in the CA League match. Any questionn ? Ask by e-mail or see me on MSN.

21 March 2002

Just finished the section of our second sub-division, Fox-Hound. Go see if you make the grade for this team. Watch for a practice that will be annonced soon and will take place in the week-end.

17 March 2002

Today me and Col. Fields have moved up a couple of person in ranks. Go in the members section to see if you have moved. We also add Chubb as a members of Eagle-Squad. Watch in the week for our second sub-division : Fox-Hound

10 March 2002

     Today i have updated the page, nothing big, just little adjustments. For diminushing our bandwith, so we could have more visitors, i have removed the screenshots section. Also we have a new banner and logo, all made by our own First Sergeant Silencer. And added one rules.

     We where suposed to have a League Match against Team Universal, but we have tried to reach them all week long, and they did not anwser us. I have written the League about this and it seem that we will got a win cause they forfeit. And i got proof i tried to reach them.

     Also we will have a friendly clan match against the RBD, Rabid Dog of Hell, on friday, a 6 on 6 team deathmatch. We will contact the player who will take fight in this match. Look also for an announcements for a bootcamp.

     Finaly, I would like that every members change the tag we have at the begining of our name from [4th Infantry] to [4th ID]. Thank you.

3 March 2002

     Today the
CA League have unveiled their Week One schedule, we are to play : Team Universal. We have till the 11th March to play our game so I'll try to put the game to arrange everybody. I'll try to get more than 6 players to play the game.

     Talking of this i'd like that
every members of the team go to their site and register themselves. I have created acconts for all members. Your name are as follow : Rank._Name. Example : LtC. Kayne, and you have all a temporary password to get it talk to me on MSN. To the members who will not do that you will be considered as inactive members of our squad.

I have registered us also to the
OGL, and every members should go there and registered themselves there. After to what you need to access our clan. Our name on OGL is : [4th Infantry Division]. That's all dismissed.

26 February 2002

Today, we play a clan game. A 4 on 4 team deatnmatch. And the 4th Infantry Division kick the 48th Infantry Division butt, we totally dominated, the final score was 74-46. The proud soldier of our Infantry were : Col. Field, LtC. Kayne, SSg. Silencer, CSM Marksman and later on the game Cpl. Earl Clarence rejoin us.

Also we have our first ally clan, it's the
4th Parachute Division, go take a look on their site, they will have a dedicated server and we will be able to go play there with them..

20 February 2002

Today, the official
Medal of Honor page, added our link in their clan section !

15 February 2002

The 4th Infantry Division Web Page is up and running.  After months of planning and months of works, our dedication to this game is finnaly showing up. Lieutenant Colonel Kayne and Colonel Fields would like to invite you to join our clan. Our determinations have no limits, and we have great plan like finding rivals and allies in the community of Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. We want to make tournaments also, and if we have a great number of members, we'll form different squad in the 4th Infantry Division. Also our recruits will be ranked on their performance in the game and the leadership they bring, so maybe in little time you will lead a squad in the 4th Infantry Division. We want to keep contact with our members and hear their idea for the clan or site. So if any of you have skill in : web page design, skin making or mods making, we'll be glad to ear from you.

This is it soldier, a great war is upon us, and we want to join it and bring freedom to the world, so are you in ?

Cause in this game you don't play, you volunteer !
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