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The Medieval Line Drawing Siege at a Valley
...this was my first drawing, period. I finished it in the second half of Grade 8. It depicts some medieval architectural garden. I thought that it turned out pretty nicely.
...this is my second drawing, done in early 2002. As the title indicates, there's a siege going on, and the perspective is that of a landscape picture. I like the work done on the valley, and some of the siegeworks.
The Light Monk
The Dark Monk
...as these pictures are being shown in order, I'm not going to say that this is the third. Oops. This is one of my coloured ones, of a dark monk. Note that his hands and face are cleverly concealed, testament to the fact that I can't draw faces or hands.
...this is the counterpart to the dark monk. This guy wears green and has an interesting staff, as well as an oddly done mask which makes him look well... odd. His hands turned out okay, but I opted to keep them white and rather shapeless.
Peewee 1
...this is my latest black and white drawing. The abomination, true to its name, is big, lumbering, and for the most part, hideous. It may seem a bit gross to people, but as I did it in three hours, I had a lot of chaotic inspiration behind my pencil. ...shaded geometric drawing from right after the first line drawing. It's a modified Peewee from Total Annihilation, an old old game. This is the first one, of two, because I lost the drawing at one time and made another.
Peewee 2 Swordsman
...the second Peewee from TA. I drew this one after losing the first one and from a large surplus of boredom. Meh. It looks good, maybe better than the first one.
...one of my earlier ones as well. I drew this guy about the same time I did the Peewees, when I had a lot of time to my hands sitting in the school office.
...this one's from 2003. It's not entirely completed, but the gist of it is that some 'creature' is trying to break through the doors in front of it. ...this one was started in '02. It's far from done yet, and I've had major difficulty with the hands, which I've been busy practising, though to little avail. It's a goblin king/queen/creature.
Hand sketches Insectoid Creature
...the title speaks for itself. These are sketches of hands that I've been trying to do. Some look better than others, and there's some wizard and a quote in the corners, which I did idly. ...this is the latest drawing, did it in one day. It is the depiction of an anthropomorphic beetle creature. The shading may be a bit messed, but I like it...
Coloured Elf Girl Ghost Oven Lord
...finished on 1.03.03. This is an elf girl, or something of the like. Though the colouring is basic (don't know much about colour) I'm proud of it.
...finished on 22.02.02. This one's a bit hard to explain. I did it in class off of the top of my head. It's a big ghost lord thing coming out of what's either an oven or a pipe organ. Weird, ah?
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Accursed Warrior
...finished on 5.03.03. This was the concept for a Furc character, but the art can never do justice to what I intended him to be. The colouring's good, he just looks a bit like a fruity ghost.
...finished on 4.03.03. I was rather idly drawing in class that day, and this pic came out. I scanned it, and my scanner blended all the green into something that looked so much better. Voila!
Imperial Guard Sketches
...finished on 18.03.03. Drawing in boredom once again, I took the time to practise drawing wings, which are better than my hands, though not by much. Ah well, the idea of an armoured angel came in handy.
...finished on 12.04.03. First thing of April. I saw a bunch of pictures of Imperial Guard troops in various poses and decided that I needed to copy at least one. So I coped two. Both are in one pic, so yeah.
The Second Medieval Line Drawing Flame-hands
...finished on 29.04.03. The second of my line drawings. The first is up at the top of this list. The angles may all be wrong, but I'm going to churn out a few more, cause they look cool. ...finished on 8.05.03. Originally a take-off of Soul Reaver's Raziel, my imagination took a turn for the worse and ended me up with this guy.
WH/WH40K Pics
These are pictures of my Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 models. I painted every single one of them, unless otherwise specified.... which shouldn't happen.
Warhammer: Empire Spearmen
Warhammer: Empire Reiksgard
Warhammer: Empire Helblaster Volley Gun
Warhammer: Empire Hero: Balthazar Gelt
WH40K: Dark Eldar Hero: Drazhar and Incubi Guards
WH40K: Dark Eldar Single Warrior
WH40K: Dark Eldar Warrior Squad