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You must have no life

...but it's okay because I must have even less of a life to be making this page. That means I have negative life. Well, if you're extremely bored and just want to find something to amuse yourself for a while, come in.

WARNING! This site contains material which may be considered offensive to people who watch Barney and Friends and play Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, including, but not limited to: images of idiots, severe ignorance, liberal use of the words "Pee," "Poo," and "Fartmonster," and a whole lot of other stuff yard duty wouldn't let you get away with.

By entering below, you swear on your mother all of the following:

I am of legal age
This site is run by a robot
I like tacos
I eat poo, I drink pee, I'm a fartmonster
The Pontiac Vibe is the coolest car in the world
My XBOX rules!

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