Most of these events were “open” written in green. {Also marked with *}

Friday, 10/18
Arrives San Francisco

Dinner with Bhatt family
Saturday, 10/19
7PM-9PM Small group meeting at home of Susan Lopez, former major of Peace & Conflict Resolution program, UC Berkeley

About 20 people attended this event; very inquisitive and attentive group
Sunday, 10/20
11 to 12:30 Lunch with ASHA for Education, Silicon Valley to discuss support of educational projects in Bihar.
Host: Padma Rani – at Sri’s apartment 3695 Stevenson Common #338, Fremont CA

Small group interested in education in Bihar and conditions of rural and tribal; Discussion also covered the corruption and violence that plagues the state

3PM to 6PM Small group meeting with Yoga Center of Los Gatos, 9 Montebello Way, 408.395.5356.
Host: Karen Aiken

About 10 people did Yoga; we followed this by a brief talk on the subject of Bringing Spirituality Into Everyday Life

We followed Karen to her house for dinner and enlightening conversation.

Monday 10/21

* 6pm       Open public meeting for UC Berkeley Community & Berkeley Community 
Sponsored by Rise to Peace, the Berkeley Peace Studies Students Association, Hindu Student Council, and Chaitanya. 
2060 VLSB on the Berkeley campus

About 120 people attended the lecture in a moderate sized lecture hall. Questions were written down on an index card and Dwarko-ji proceeded to answer them at times with humor. Several people later gathered around and inquired about Intern prospects at Samanway.

Tuesday 10/22

* 3PM to 5 PM      Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford for a gathering with Project staff/interns. 
Hosted by Dr. Clayborne Carson MLK, JR. Papers Project incollaboration with Claire Greensfelder of the MLK, Jr. Freedom Center of Oakland. 
Regina L. Covington The Martin Luther King, Jr., Papers Project Stanford University, Cypress Hall-D Stanford, CA 94305-4146
(650) 723-2092 phone
(650) 723-2093 fax

7 PM Study Group in Menlo Park Hosted by Barbara Gee 573 Menlo Oaks Drive in Menlo Park.

Wednesday 10/23

* 10AM to 12NOON     Panel Discussion at Stanford on Gandhian Economics hosted by Syed Shariq 
Participants are Dwarko Sundrani, Syed Shariq, Robert Block among others.  Location Cordura Hall at 210, Panama Street, Stanford Campus.             

Stanford event website is at

Prof Ishi, Dr Shariq, Mr Block and Dr. Sridharan participated in the panel. Decentralization, bottom-up governance, empowerment, appropriate use of technology were topics touched upon. There was lively debate. Bob Block spoke about the need for using the profit-motive of capitalism to solve issues of world poverty. Sridharan concurred with a brief discussion of Blended Bottom Line ventures - doing well by doing good.

* 7PM to 9PM Public Gathering hosted by Nipun Mehta, and Charity Focus at location TBA in Santa Clara .

Information at:

Held at Nipun's house in Santa Clara, this gaterhing had an overflow crowd. Most were seated in the main living room. The rest were in overflow rooms that were wired with close-circuit television. We had a longish meditation followed by a short talk and Q/A. Topics covered included meditation, peace within and without.
Thursday 10/24
10AM Interview with Prof. Michael Nagler
We were joined by several visitors including Mel King from Boston

11AM-12:30 Michael Nagler's class at UC Berkeley on Non Violence

6PM to 9PM Small group hosted by Verona Fonte

Friday 10/25
9AM-5PM Center for Nonviolence Research: Organizational meeting, Berkeley
Evening: Private reception, Berkeley

Saturday 10/26

9AM-12 Center for Nonviolence Research: Organizational meeting, Fremont
As a result of these meetings three ideas are being worked on.

  1. To start a Center for Nonviolence Research in Action
  2. To develop and refine a plan for model villages, 25 families on 1 hectare of donated land, to reach self-sustaining farming and school for village children run by the villagers; reaching self-sustaining operation in 4 years.
  3. To introduce low-cost Internet-based testing for heart diseases using CardioBeat technology; an example of a double-bottom-line venture that brings employment to locals, improves health for thousands, and through "have a good heart" program brings reconciliation to rural conflict.

Sunday 10/27
* 10 AM to 12 Club House at Avalon Fremont; Sri Sridharan 's 3695 Stevenson Common, Fremont

1pm Lunch with Bhatt family; About 20 people attended

7pm Meeting with Bihar Samaj - group of local Biharis engaged in improving educational and health opportunities for Bihar residents; This group is also engaged in preserving Bihari cultural traditions among the Biharis working and living in the Bay Area.

As a result of our meeting Bihar Samaj will be holding special events for fund-raising to support the work of Samanway Schools.
Monday 10/28

11am Radio interview with RainJita - KPFA Radio Berkeley
4pm One-on-One with Dr. Jerry Jampolsky, Center for Attitudinal Healing in Sausalito
This one of the most moving events - I felt fortunate to be part of two very compassionate men engaged in the most loving conversation that I have ever had the chance to witness. My blessings are many. - Sri

Departure at 7 PM

After leaving the Bay Area, Dwarko met with several peole in the Los Angeles area:
Kute Blackson brought Dwarko to the University of Santa Monica - meeting with the Directors, Faculty and Staff of the Spiritual Psychology degree program there.
Nirmal and Tara Sethia hosted a gathering at their home in Pomona.

Dwarko has now reached Bodh Gaya and is reported in excellent health and back in full action.


We are anticipating visits to Samanway from numerous people who were touched by Dwarko's dedication and philosophy.
A partial list follows: If you know of others who are going please let Sri know <>

Ron Purser (San Francisco)
Marsha Clark (Menlo Park)
Sally Davis and Steve Birdlebough (Sacramento)
Robert S Block (Marina del Rey)

Nirmal Sethia (Pomona)
Kute Blackson (Los Angeles)