The                  Honesty              Project
   This is my attempt to pull together all the pieces of my life.  Make whole the Venn Diagram that is grace.  As self-actualization is a life long process, if accomplished at all, please be patient.

New developments with the band, we rock so hard, you have no idea.  Updates for that will be soon.  Then there is some potential for an acting career from supergirl herself, so hopefully some clips of that will be coming sometime.

Then, you guessed it, I'll be asking for money.  Seriously, why not?  Starving artists like myself might not eat, but gas in the car sure would be nice.

But don't worry, just because I'll be asking, doesn't mean you'll be paying.  =D
Links, as I intended:
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Todd, cosmic brother #2
Kings of Chaos, help me out!!!