Life is Full of Infinite Possibilities . . .
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Let the things you love be your escape . . .


“Walking” by Jonatha Brooke

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Added new pages to the Humor section, so check it out! . . .


Added a ‘New Show’ commentary to the Television page . . . A ‘Farewell to the shows that were cancelled’ also coming soon! . . .


Added new sections to Buffy page and also added a new quote to the Gilmore Girls page . . . Definitely worth checking out! . . .

Site Commentary

This website is for those of us who could use a break . . . from the job, or school, or the kids, or the roommate, or the siblings, the mate, or the parents . . . Or, let's face it, ourselves . . . I mean, I know I could . . .


So that's what all of this is about . . . Relaxing, kicking back, and enjoying life as it comes . . . So there's information on lots of tv shows, music and there's also a soon-to-be-expanded inspiration section, as well as a humor section . . . .


But consider this a work in progress, because this site is far from finished . . . There's still lots I want to add (and change :), so it will expand in proportion to my ideas, or the ones I'm given . . . By you, by friends, by whoever feels like sharing . . .


Life really is full of infinite possibilities . . . So in between the miscellaneous stuff on this site, maybe we can shed light on some of them . . . :) . . .

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