On Guard! By entering this page you have inadvertantly committed to the social contract union square, a small community of anarchists, musicians, writers, artists. drag queens, deviants, users, shadowband and contraband and some who proudly respresent all of these amrking characteristics.  Tre bien.   By stumbling onto this site you have opened a sliding door of chance and enetered a long dark hallway of subversive intellect, these words embody just a fraction of the whole, sucked down into the beautiful paradox of void in all it's ugliness and vanity.  You may shudder in disbelief, but trust me, you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, because amongst your friends and enemies at the social contract you have got the connections to help you egg presidents, bake cakes, build temples for life and temples for death.  This is a mission for ourselves, by ourselves, because we are all gods and ants and parasites....with paradox pressure we keenly keep our eyes on the horizon, our hearts heavy and sad, but our minds sharp as tacks, ready to tear into any holographic universe.
............................On Guard

          Commander Noodles aka. Thai           face, ed.
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The Social Contract
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