Never Eat Broccoli In The Dark.

What are you searching for? Are you looking to see the face behind the mask, the mind behind Infinity Squared? It takes a strong gaze to peel back the layers of obfuscation, and an uncanny knack for deduction to determine which are true and which are false trails, in the clues laid so carefully.

There is the enigma, the secretive creature that is Infinity Squared, which yet creeps out toward exposure in its ever-curious nature... But always pulls back when something threatens to reveal the uncomfortable nature of reality.

Be forewarned, for indirect inferences may not always be truth, while open misdirection abounds.
Contact might arise through the odd medium of electronic mail, or through any manner of transfer...

Inside may be found scenes of electronic subterfuge, revelations in music and revolutions in verse, and even... Crop Circles?