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*Sigh* School Starts up soon, so it will be slow around here.. but enjoy the stuff that does happen, because when school starts i wont be here or at my forums as frequently. later,
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Well, ive been having difficulties trying to figure out what is wrong with my source, because in most browsers it displays errors int the status bar... well, turns out geocities has an error in their generated server thing etc.. i dunno, im just kind of happy it isnt my source, i will be trying to contact them about this error, so dont worry about trying to tell me there are errors.. otherwise, im working on some more updates, i hope to get a lot more korn avatars put up, and some more pictures.. oh yeah, i now have a counter at the bottom, its very cool, other than that i will have to tell you tomorrow about some more updates.. :P

Wow, This has lasted almost two days now, i have some updates, the background in my KoRn page, i hope you all enjoy that (korn fans) and im thinking about changing the background on this page, i like how the korn page is set up, so i will find something similar to that to put on this page. other than that, i put up those banners to the left with a script, if you refresh your page, the banners will change, be sure to check out both places, they are hella cool. :) I'll be around in my forum, and tomorrow for current updates and what not, im thinking about making an update page tho. so be ready!

Hi Everyone, today im starting my site, i have lots of work to do, so wish me luck! oh yeah, be sure to check out ChatArea and Gamers Wanted, just click the banners up above! :)