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Mark Twain: God made the idiot for practice, and then he made the School Board.
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Sierra Vista School Board Running Amuck --click here

Additional Reasons YOU should not stick yourself with a 7 year tax increase:

(You CAN vote against this tax increase even if you live outside Sierra Vista city limits.  The School District boundary is far reaching into Hereford and other nearby areas.  Please call 432-8354 to verify.)

   1)The School Board and District has not told the truth:  District Officials stated to me the 7 year duration for the tax increase/override was based on law.  However, today's article in the paper states that  "Thomas also said school district officials may choose a shorter term for a budget override." The School Board has not been forthright.  When in doubt, do nothing--for a voter, this means VOTE NO.

2) B.R.A.C:  Blair and the purported "Citizens for Quality Education" (really a surrogate of the School Board and teachers' union) who who want to increase your taxes,  use Fort Huachuca as a desperate and pathetic scare tactic to  coerce voters to raise taxes.    Water shortages are the main threat, recently Bella Vista water imposed water useage restrictions.The simple fact is, United States Senator John McCain has publicly stated Arizona bases are least likely to be impacted negatively, or closed.  In fact, to the contrary, McCain stated our bases are likely to increase in personnel. Do you really think Jack Blair Jr. knows more than Senator McCain on this issue???  Do you really think Fort Huachuca would be closed simply because of a local school issue?  Ft. Huachuca is far more important than to be linked to a local political issue.  Do not fall for this "sky is falling down" mentality.  VOTE NO.

3) A line must be drawn:  Previous failures by the District's School Board must  take accountability.  Voting to RAISE your taxes for 7 years would relieve the Board of its responsibility and continue to penalize, YOU, the taxpayer for others' mistakes.  Why suffer at the mistakes and incompetence of others? VOTE NO.

4) The property base in the school district is already growing with new houses and businesses:  This is a fresh new source of increased revenue for the School District, yet the School Board still insists there isn't enough money.  The School Board does not explain why this revenue will not be sufficient.  In   actuality, there may be no "deficit" in future years, yet the School Board wants to impose a growing tax on homeowners and businesses for 7 full years. This is not justified--VOTE NO.

Official Statement from: Citizens Against Unfair Taxation --click here

Official Statement from: Citizens For Accountable School Boards
(as submitted May 08, 2004 to Herald Reporter Dianne Saunders)

Statement:  May 08, 2004

It is shameless and cowardly that the opposition has stooped to stealing and vandalizing our  signs in opposition to the TAX INCREASE.  Those for the tax increase have also stooped so low to exploit children by placing a shameless, gimmick sign next to our sign. nbsp;  Should this be teachers, or others promoting education in the name of the children, what kind of message does this teach the children, that if you don't agree or don't like something, destroy it? This is America, they should be promoting diversity of opinion and debate.  How easy it is to exploit your point of view in the name of the children.  No one (in our committee)  is against children, teachers or schools.

One must also ask, why do they (school board) not want the  public to be aware of this election?  Reliable sources have told me the School Board wants LOW voter turnout.  WHY?? Do they want to increase the public's taxes in secret??

The entire override election should be rescinded as it was promoted with statistic that are 4 years old. The School Board should not deceive the public in this manner.  Further, why must the proposed override be for 7 years?  Does the School Board have a crystal ball to know they will be in supposed deficit this long, or are they that  sure they will continue to run the school district in a continued incompetent manner for another 7 years?

Tony Wenc
Chairman, Citizens For Accountable School Boards
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