Welcome to Misty's Work at Home Paradise! You will only find the best businesses/work at home opportunities here! Rest assured that all are legit and the investment is either very low or even free! Please enjoy your stay here and browse through them carefully and then join! :-) Looking forward to working with you.

Many of us have been burned by empty promises and scams in the past and I admit I am one of them too but I have a list of the best bizopps around that many people don't even know about. People are always hesitant to join something new mostly because of a bad past experience. Let me ask you something. If you had a bad experience at a restaurant, like what you had eaten there was bad, would that stop you from dining out at a DIFFERENT restaurant again? Absolutely not right? :-) If you pass something up too, that also could mean that you are missing out on a great opportunity! Besides these opportunities won't cost you much! You just never know what they could bring in for you, not unless you try it!

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Not only could you purchase some amazing software which includes an HTML encrypter as well as an IP messenger which is worth over $700, which can really come in handy when it comes to advertising your bizopp to others for ONLY $25, as well as getting a stream of $15 into your account over and over again! Can't pass that one up! For more info, click on the key below and send in for it.


How does the sound of starting up your own turn-key biz for a measley $6 sound? Imagine this:

Your VERY OWN independent online business
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A totally cheat-proof letter
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An automated Website
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This is one that you must not pass up. You can start your own turnkey online business for $19.77 and make hundreds a week with it. Sound interesting, well it is definitely one of a kind. If you would like to get more info on this, click on the key below and have it sent.


Okay, this one is not as cheap as the others but you could easily make close to $8,000 a month. Still interested in what this cool opportunity has to offer? You also will get a free cool trip out of it (won't say to where yet but I think you would like it) when you join. Click on the key below to get more info on this but you have to send it in.


This online business will only cost you $2.99 but the potential is overwhelming. It will involve some work but you can make lots of money through this method. Again I won't say too much as to what it is, but if you would like to find out more, click on the key below and have it sent to you.


Here is a VERY easy business. You can get paid to collect names! This way you can get your own leads as well! Just imagine:

Having Your own online business
A stream of $10 dollar bills for the names you collect
A possible extra dollars in referral fees (under certain circumstances)
Full instructions that really are easy-to-follow. There are no hidden expenses and there is nothing to download. This is a simple straightforward business proposition. Sound interesting? Click on the key below to find out more about this incredible opportunity.


This opportunity has a lot of potential for you to make money. It only costs a one time fee of $10 and you can potentially earn tens of thousands in a short period of time but it teamwork is required. If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity, click on the link below to get more info.


Okay this opportunity is not cheap to get involved into but I do recommend this one only because you get a tonne of cash just for being a part of it, even if you don't sponsor anyone. To find out more about this, click on the link below!


This is not a business opportunity but its a work at home opportunity. If you are looking for clerical work to do at home, this company can help you find the work you would like to do. The training fee is a one time $15 and thats all. This seems to be very popular among those who are stay at home moms who would like to earn some extra income from home. If this kind of thing appeals to you, click on the link below and send in for more info.


You can start your own email extracting business for only $10. Its not the same thing as the other $10 email collecting businesses. This particular company will teach you how to market your products carefully and properly so you would be able to get the responses you want from other prospects. Its worth looking into. Click on the link below to find out more about what this opportunity has to offer.

Okay those are the bizopps/work at home opportunities that do require some sort of investment but they are still worth looking into, they are a little easier to make something out of than the free bizopps but the free bizopps that I am going to list now also have a lot to offer! Read them carefully.


Opportunity #1

YOU CAN REALLY MAKE BIG $$$ with this! We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but it's REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded. Best of all you will only have to download ONE piece of software ONE time for FREE and you can be on your way to earning BIG! So what are you waiting for? Click on the key below to find out more and sign up!

Opportunity #2

Okay, here is one called PayProfit. It has the potential for you to earn at least $1,500 USD a month but there is a catch. Aside from working on this for only a half hour a day, you MUST recruit 5 others and make sure that they are doing their work to earn that money. Therefore this opportunity involves teamwork. I know you can do it though! I really would like you to join! Click on the link below to join!

Opportunity #3

You can make $10 on your referrals. This is a partnership company and its called Exit Cash Flow! Its a pretty cool site! Oh yeah you will even earn on your referral's referrals! Again, another team opportunity but its well worth it! Its FREE! So what are you waiting for? Click the link below to join.

Opportunity #4

Okay EVERYONE has GOT to join this one! Its called Wealth Factor and you will earn a lot on your referrals! Be sure to tell everyone about this one and be sure to join yourself, again its FREE!!!! Join this today because you have nothing to lose.

Opportunity #5

Here is a great company to get involved with. What you have to do is read emails but the real money is through, referrals again. You can make up to $4,000 USD a month as long as you have 8 or more referrals doing their work! I know, this teamwork stuff can be a bit tricky but again, dont let that deter you from joining. You will get help in that department. Join this one today.

Opportunity #6

Here is a great opportunity that has the potential for you to be earning at least $5,000 USD a month. Its called Costa Mail and what you have to do is to PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! Join this, its FREE!

Opportunity #7

Here is one called Zero Out of Pocket! You get paid $10 for each referral and again, its FREE so why not join?

Opportunity #8

I am not big into paid email opportunities except for Publifacil but this one has HUGE potential. Its called NMoolaMail and I would join and get everyone that you know to join as well!

Opportunity #9

ProfitSwarm is the opportunity to join. There is no selling or anything of that nature. Its FREE to join and you can earn $$$ with this! Join today!

Opportunity #10

You are aware of PayPal, E-Gold and all of those right? Well Stormpay is the one to join and to promote. StormPay has MANY benefits that the others dont have, such as not needing to verify your account and such. Stormpay is being advertised and used by many companies. Why not join StormPay and let others know about it too! Again, its FREE to join!

Opportunity #11

I just discovered this one not too long ago. Its called The New Grant Affiliate program and I would like you to join as well because you have the potential to earn thousands every month but you MUST promote it!

Opportunity #12

There is a GREAT way to make easy money but its going to require some time. However, if you are SERIOUS about making some easy free money then you'll take the time to work on this and join the programs that you are required to join once you join this one.

Opportunity #13

This one is a free real estate business. It sounds more intimidating than it really is but all you really have to do is refer people to your site once you sign up. I would like you to join, it doesnt cost anything.

Opportunity #14

Okay here is one that isnt crucial to join but I would like you to take a look at the services that are available, you can save A LOT of money if you make a lot of long distance calls, or even if you dont make that many, its still worth looking into! Again though, if you do decide to join, its also a great money making opportunity!

Opportunity #15

Okay this one is a MUST join!!!! Its called ListFire and all you are responsible for is referring only THREE people, but they have to refer 3 people but the fact that its free, why not? No its not a pyramid scheme, most pyramid schemes arent free anyway but what it is, its an opt-in list builder which means this is your way of getting free leads and you can also make a killing at the same time! I really would like you to join!

Opportunity #16

Here is another cool program, its a reseller program and you can instantly get $10 USD for everyone who signs up under you! Join this cool FREE program today!

Opportunity #17

Explosive Cash Opportunity! Wanted: CDs, DVDs, VHS, Video Games, Computers and parts, Electronics, Collectibles, Books, Jewelry, Autographs. M&G Consignment Pays cold hard CASH! Never any fees!

So why not visit this website for all your needs.

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Opportunity #18

Here is a surprise one for you.

Get this, you have a chance at earning thousands a month, without not only ever having to pay any out of pocket expenses but you wont have to do anything either! Sound cool? Email Me and I'll send you the info right away!

I hope you decide to join several of these programs, especially the free ones. When you join these programs, I have a list of opt-in lists for you!
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Best of luck with your endeavors!

Here are some safelists you can join that will bring in a lot of results!

The 4 Levels Affiliate Safelist

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Safelist Builder

All Downline Club Safelist

Archer Safelist

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A Parent's Dream Safelist


Peanuts Safelist

Lead Master II

Pony Express

Dr. Mailer Safelist

Make Money Safelist

Co-op Safelist

Business World List


List N Tonic

Those are just a few of many safelists that I belong to. If you join any of these safelists or different ones, I STRONGLY suggest that you download a safelist submitter so it saves you a lot of time and energy. I know a submitter called Snazzy Promotions and you can download it for free.

You can also create a site like mine, or I'll create one for you for a small fee and put your the site in your email signature or what have you.

Anyway I REALLY want you to join all of those and make the money that you deserve to make! Let me know once you join them and we will start working and earning money together!