You've reached the place to order the coolest computerCD around!!

Over the past few years, we've been collecting tons of misc information and we finally sorted it out and put it onto one cd. This cd has it all. We've got the secrets behind so many different things that its damn near impossible to name them all. This CD has so much stuff in it that you'll still be finding new things on it 6 months from now! Here are just some of the things that are on this awesome CD:

  1. Programs and step by step information on how to download free music,videos,programs,and anything you can think of that you can do through your computer. The possibilities are endless! Never buy music,videos,software,etc... again!
  2. Lots of Hacking Stuff: phreaking,warez,anarchy,learn the tricks of the trade,How to do basically anything,and much more. (A must have) Here are just some hackin' tools you get on this cd!!
  3. No more passwords...get past them.
  4. Rip and Copy DVD's
  5. Making Money on Ebay!
  6. Virus protection devices and tools!
  7. How to make MONEY in all kinds of easy and different ways.
  8. Get things better than wholesale...This alone is worth alot more than 10 times the price of this CD! Click here to see what were talking about
  9. Find anyone in a matter of minutes
  10. Celebrities,Stars, and Athletes email addresses and home addresses.Perfect for getting autographs!
  11. This CD makes a Great Present for anyone who likes computers!
  12. How to start and manage a business successfully
  13. HTML programs that make web pages a breeze to make
  14. Health cures and secrets
  15. How to get government grants
  16. Tools to help you in business,people,computers, etc...
  17. How to get your credit in good standing
  18. Government and private auctions
  19. Lists and lists of things that you can do that you probably never dreamed of doing....."If you know what I mean"
  20. No more speeding tickets
  21. Major discounts on all sorts of stuff.
  22. Bulk Email,Legal Documents,etc..
  23. Surprise the proffesionals with your expertise in hacking and info!
  24. Information on discounted insurance like benefits
  25. "How to" books and pages on tons of different things.
  26. Spy stuff!! Top Warez links with the latest equipment.
  27. You will learn more ways to make money and work around on your computer than any school or program could teach you!
  28. And much, much more!!!! We haven't even listed half of the things that are on this CD! Yes....It all comes on this CD package.
  29. This CD has over 10,500 files and 600+ folders you can play with. LOOK -------->

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    You will always find a use for this cd! Dont buy some cheap ass CD that some geek is selling because its more than likely that it doesnt have everything it says it does. GET THE REAL THING HERE. If you can think of one reason not to buy this cd, write us and tell us because we want to know.

For only $12.00 plus $3.00 Shipping & Handling, this cd will be delivered to you immediately. Why wait?? Amaze you friends and yourself. Email us with your Name, Address, and Form of Payment to right now to make sure you get your Copy! If you want to pay with credit or debit, click the paypal link below! If you have any questions on what this CD can do, email us and we will tell you if it can do what you want it to do. You WILL be surprised!

TAKE A LOOK FOR YOURSELF. Click here to see some more folders in this CD!!


This CD was created for educational and amusement use only.

"You take full responsibility for your own actions"

In no way will anyone be responsible but yourself for what could happen due to the use of the cd.

In other words, don't be a criminal.

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