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Click 2 Paid

Click2Paid provide flexible and effective solutions to advertisers and web publishers of all types, wishing to build their online businesses. Their network of over 5,000 websites gives advertisers the opportunity to target their message to their ideal audience, helping them brand products, generate sales and reach new customers. They provide web publishers with the opportunity to use their unsold advertising space to promote their business. By attracting websites geared toward General, Business, Entertainment Leisure, Computers Internet, Shopping Services and more, They have been able to develop a strong cross-section of content category areas in our network.

For every click, they pay you $.20 per click ! Higher than other advertising company. Each month your cumulative Get2paid traffic is evaluated. If you have earned over $50 during the course of the previous month(s) you will be paid that amount. If you did not earn more than $50, the amount you have earned will remain unpaid and accrue from month to month until you have earned $50 or more. All payments are made by check in US Dollars and send paid every month.

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You are strictly prohibited to access this program unless your age is 21+. Friend Finder is the largest 21+ personals site and gives the highest payouts of any personals site to webmasters. They're happy to announce two awesome revenue programs for webmasters who advertise 21+ Friend Finder on their site. They keep track of who you refer and give you up to 65 cents for each unique visitor (counted by a unique IP address) per day.

Just send visitors from your site to their site and when they join, you get 35% of their initial registration fee (either a 3 month or 12 month contract - rates from $33.95-$129.95). They'll raise the percent to 55% if you send more than 100 unique IPs per day. They have several partners who get over 75 cents per click with this partner program! Also, as they are trying to get more women to join 21+ Friendfinder, each time a woman signs up, they'll give you an additional 65 cents (75 cents for larger partners) to your take!

For both of their programs, they write checks once on the first of each month with a $50 minimum (this means that if you were to receive $30 one month, the $30 is added to the next month payment until $50 is reached). Checks usually get mail out by the 5th of the month.

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UtopiAd is the premier source for value on the Net. Their completely permission-based, opt-in service rewards members for viewing advertisements, promotions, and other special offers and deals, while adhering to a strict Privacy Policy. In recognition of each member's value as a consumer, they pass on cash rewards, incentives, and other value-added services and opportunities targeted to each member's individual tastes.

Payment will be made by check in U.S. currency drawn on a U.S. bank, and will only be sent to You when the cash accumulated in Your account is either (a) greater than Thirty Dollars ($30) at the conclusion of any given quarter; or (b) greater than Twenty Dollars ($20) and at least Ten Dollars ($10) of your accumulated earnings is accrued from non-surfing related activities (such as Paymail, Quickcash, Clickmail, Shopping, Sweepstakes entries, etc.). They identify an active account which is at least one of the following activities occurs every two months: (a) Surfing with the products (browser or ValueBar) for more than one hour; (b) Purchasing an item from the UtopiAd shopping mall; (c) Clicking through on a paid e-mail; or (d) Taking advantage of a Quickcash offer.

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AllCommunity is the FIRST community on the web that leverages the POWER of Consumer Control. You will now get rewarded for everything you do (or don't do for that matter!) "You Don't Even Need To Read Any Ads To Get Paid" Although one of the GREAT features of AllCommunity is to distribute the wealth of the internet back to the consumer, you will also be paid while your referrals are shopping, reading their emails or just logged on the net! To activate this part of the program, you'll need to select one or more interest groups.

You will be paid 3 cents for each email you received, and 1 cent from each email that your referrals receive up to the 3rd level of referrals.

AllCommunity is also compiling some of the best FREE offers on the net to make them available to all their members. Not only will you get to try out new services, downloads, or get free stuff, you'll be paid to do it! (Note: not all free offers will come with incentives, some will just be FREE!)

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Yes, as an SFI Affiliate, you can now earn a dollar each time you give away a free trial subscription to SFI's flagship product. Talk about easy! Almost everyone is interested in earning more money. And almost everyone would LOVE to have the lifestyles enjoyed by the incredible entrepreneurs they interview in SFI Magazine. Their magazine can show them HOW. And unlike most trial subscription offers where the recipient later receives an invoice and must send it back marked "cancel" to avoid getting billed, SFI comes with NO OBLIGATION for any future issues. Give away 5 free subscriptions an hour --earn $5/hour! and Give away 20 free subscriptions an hour --earn $20/hour!

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ALTAVISTA is now accepting applications for you and your site to become an authorized member of the AltaVista affiliate network. Do you want to add value to your site? Join the Affiliate Network and in minutes you could be providing your users with AltaVista's World Class search site, including Multimedia Search site, as well as Stock Quotes, Translation and more. You will be paid per unique search.

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FINDIT-QUICK program is simple and easy to use. Simply place their search box on your site and every time somebody clicks on a paid listing you will earn 50% of the click-through bid! Or if you qualify you can earn $0.02 to $5.00 per unique visitor sent from your site Earn extra money to be applied to advertising on Findit-Quick Or receive a monthly commission check. This program can pay you up to $0.50 per click from multiple listings.
Checks will be mailed out by the 20th of each month for those accounts, which have built up at least $100.00 worth of click through in the previous month. Please don't hesitate to get started... Remember, the faster you join their program, the faster you can begin making money.

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Add a search box to your web site and start making money from every search! You can use as many search boxes on as many different websites as you like with the same code. Every search box has your exclusive affiliate referral code in it. If another webmaster signs up from your site you get 5% of their income. Their current pay rate is US$.05 (five cents) per click through from your search box. Their pay periods run from the 1st to the end of month. Checks are mailed within 10 business days of the end of the month. Minimum earnings to receive a check is $25.00. If you do not earn $25.00 in a single pay period it will "roll over" to subsequent periods until you reach $25.00

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PAYpile is an unique paid to surf program that lets members have the option of listening to high quality mp3 music while getting paid. Unlike other "get paid to surf" programs, there are no banner ads. PAYpile will be advertising via the video bar showing such ads as movie trailers, and album previews! By completing a private profile, each member can have quality video commercials shown to them that matches their interests. They will be available in various sizes to match your connection speed with a minimum width of a standard banner and 3 times the height (wide screen format). These commercials (for example, a movie trailer) will download to the video bar while your system shows inactivity, this means even if you're connected at a slow speed, your browsing will not be affected. This generates a higher revenue from the advertisers, which are shared with you.

This program is designed to make you the most money. PayPile pay you $1.00 per hour and also pay you for anyone you refer up to 4 levels deep at 10 cents per hour for every level. As a bonus to help you get going and see how easy it can be to get referrals, you will receive an extra $25 to your payment if you can get 25 direct referrals!

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We'll pay you to watch Movie Trailers!


DATING CLUB is one of the Internet's most successful sites and fastest growing singles and dating services on the Web. By joining DatingCash, you become their Partner. They'll pay you $1.25 for every FREE Posted Profile you refer to DatingClub. In addition, they'll pay you $3.00 for every approved Webmaster you refer to DatingCash. Moreover, you will get instant $50.00 if you join them now ! Their Affiliates are so well rewarded that Refer-it, the leading search engine for revenue-sharing programs, recently gave DatingCash a record rating of their stars.

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Why Because they have the largest network of high-quality, targeted opt-in email addresses on the Internet - more than 3,000 topical lists and 25 million names to choose from! Their partner sites include Cnet, Uproar, ICQ,, CBS Sportsline,, CMPnet, Entrepreneur Magazine and hundreds more! With a minimum order of $1,000, you can rent their 100% Opt-In® email lists -- and they'll mail out your message for free! Their lists cost 10 to 35 cents a name ($100 to $350 CPM), including list rental, email delivery and merge/purge.

If you join to their affiliate program, you will Earn 50% of their profit from list rentals!. They provide A Useful Service to Your Visitors and support an Important Alternative to SPAM which are Thousands of Times More Powerful than Amazon's program!

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Target Shop

Go to TargetShop and register for free Membership. If you sign up, before May 1st, you will be eligible to receive $50 payable in cash or applied to the purchase of TargetShop stock (if and when they complete an IPO, subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Referral Program). After you register, you will be able to earn easy money just by sending email to refer your friends. Each time someone you referred, in turn, refers someone, you will make money! and hence thousands of dollars in no time at all! As TargetShop Members, you are entitled to discounts at some of the Web's best e-commerce sites using the TargetPoints you get when they register and take advantage of site features, like the Playground.

So, go sign up, earn big bucks, and enjoy your Membership! and also Join to earn $10,000 just for referring your friends!

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Spedia is a provider of permission-based online marketing solutions. During the past year Spedia has emerged as the only "Get Rewarded To Surf" company that has consistently sent checks to its members worldwide. In September, 2000, ranked as the 8th most popular site in the world. They're a service that pays you for using the Internet. They match the interests of thousands of advertisers with those of millions of users like yourself in the US, Canada, and other countries. They distribute most of the revenue they collect from advertisers to their members.

You get paid $0.50 per hour for surfing the Internet while running the AboutBar. The AboutBar is a free software application that pays you $0.50 per hour while you surf the Internet. It's a small bar that docks next to your browser and displays ads. You also get 5 to 10 points for receiving e-mail. You are not required to respond to these e-mails but you must open them to receive points. Also, you will be paid for referring your friends to use this service. The referral structure is 10%, 5%, 5%, 5%, 5% for a total of five levels.

You can make over $150 in one hour by signing up for promotions. You must provide valid information every time your register. For some promotions you will get your points instantaneously. For others the points will be added to your account as soon as they receive confirmation from the advertisers that you have registered properly.

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ADSENGER wants your earning potential to increase. In order to do so, they have created banners that you can used to display on your webpage to attract more referrals. Download* and install Adsenger™ on your computer. When there is an advertisement for you to view, the Adsenger icon on the taskbar will flash. Just double click the icon to view the commercial. Whenever you view a commercial, you can make money. Your earnings will depend on how much feedback their advertisers want to obtain. The more feedback that you give, the more you will make!

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Billions of email are sent over the internet every Day! Now, get paid for every email that you receive from! That's right, they pay their members for reading email! You can earn 5 cents for each email you receive from For example, if you were to receive 20 emails, your earnings would be $1.00! But, that is not all! As you tell others about they will also pay you 2 cents for each email they review as well! This could really add up to some incredible extra income!

Commissions are sent internationally by Bank Check in U.S. dollars. They are mailed on the 20th of each month for the previous months mailings. Minimum check amount per month is $10.00. If the minimum is not made, the amount will be added to the next month's commissions.

If you refer an advertising member who sends email to promote their product or service you will receive .02 for each of the emails that are clicked through. For instance if they send 10000 emails and 5000 of those are clicked through you will receive 5000 x .02 or $100.00 That is at 50% click through rate. Their click through rates run 30-70%.

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HAMSTER Media pay 10 cents every time a visitor clicks on one of their text links. Each of their text link boxes can have up to four actual ads. If the visitor clicks on all four text links, you make 40 cents for that one surfer! It's THAT simple. 10 cents DOES add up real quickly, just do the math.

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Tell them what kind of email offers you are interested in receiving at their free signup form. Then they'll start sending you offers from their advertisers and partners. Each time you read an offer they send you, they'll credit your account with 5 cents cash.

You can receive this cash monthly. Or, "let it ride"...and when your account reaches $25, they'll automatically DOUBLE your account balance and send you a $50 gift certificate from your choice of MintMail's sponsors. For every one that signs up as a Member, they'll pay you an additional three cents Referral Bonus each time they receive an email from MintMail! That's not all! For each Member THEY refer, they'll also pay you an additional two cents for each MintMail they receive.

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The MBS Internet Research Center is looking for people who are willing to participate in surveys and focus groups over the web. They have conducted surveys for a number of different organizations over the Internet and using traditional survey methods.

By registering with our respondent database, they will contact you from time to time, via email, to participate in web-based surveys. Incentives for online surveys are usually in the form of cash, product samples and/or gift certificates. The type and amount of incentive are based on the type and size of survey and the respondent profile required by the contract and can vary from $2-$10 or more. Sometimes, they do surveys in which no incentive is offered at all and sometimes you are entered into some pretty major drawings for some really neat stuff. In the case of review surveys, you may be allowed to keep product samples. Payment is based on the submission of a completely answered, requested survey form

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MailBits offers several ways for Webmasters to earn money with their Web pages, including their new Tell-A-Friend service--which pays you and increases your hits. Tell-A-Friend program encourages your site's visitors to recommend your Web to their friends. Every time one of them does, they'll pay you. (Pays 25 cents per use.). Newsletters program offers there free newsletters to your users and they'll pay you every time one of them accepts at least one of their newsletters. (Pays 50 cents per giveaway.) Also, every time a Webmaster joins this program as a result of your referral, they'll pay you a percentage of that Webmaster's earnings. (Pays a percentage of revenue.)

At the end of every month, they total your earnings up to that point. If your total earnings are greater than their minimum payment, within 31 days, they'll send you a check for the amount due. They don't print checks for less than $50. Therefore, if you've earned less than their minimum payment, they'll hold your revenue until you build up enough earnings to meet their minimum.

Their program is designed to make you the most money. PayPile pay you $1.00 per hour and also pay you for anyone you refer up to 4 levels deep at 10 cents per hour for every level. As a bonus to help you get going and see how easy it can be to get referrals, you will receive an extra $25 to your payment if you can get 25 direct referrals!

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