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My primary research interest is in homeland security for business library information in support of the strategic planning enterprise for business continuity and business contingency planning, as it relates to critical business infrastructures.

Serendipitously browsing one day I found, my favorite poem. "Jimmy Allen at the Library of Congress, " by Paul Marion. Folder 152 1 p. 153 which is housed in the Library of CongressAmerican Folklife Center collectionPaul Marion of course is a poet and published author of many works of fine poetry, whose work we can all admire.
Author Paul Marion, 1954- Title Jimmy Allen at the Library of Congress. Published Andover, MA: Acre, c2003 (Jamaica, VT): Bull Thistle Press. Description 1 broadside; 28 x 22 cm.

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Library Marketing Activism

What is marketing library activism? And why should you care? If you're a librarian in any type of library setting, marketing activism is not an option. In fact it's an imperative.

Here's why. Library patrons are our customers, and if we want them to come into our libraries then we have to be prepared to work for their business. Libraries that fail to recognize this can suffer budget cuts resulting in the loss of professional staff positions, or in extreme cases even library closure. This is a very serious issue for library patrons as well, because they suffer a loss of services when this happens. Judy Siess has made an excellent informational resource available through the SLA website. Click here for library marketing info from Judy Siess in her virtual seminar.

Let's cut straight to the bottom line as business librarians are fond of saying, and ask what can marketing do for your library?

  • Marketing can serve to increase your circulation statistics.
  • Marketing can serve to increase your library's budget.
  • Marketing can serve to increase numerically your professional staff.
  • Marketing can serve to bring more patrons to your library.
  • Write a library marketing plan today and get the benefits.
  • In short marketing creates better customer/patron satisfaction in every instance. Marketing isn't just for business libraries. It's for public, academic and every category of special library. If you don't have the budget and staff size you need, perhaps it's because you're not marketing your library. (This page is under construction, please feel free to email the writer of this web page with your comments and feedback for site improvement attendant upon the subject matter of marketing library activism. I hope your future feedback will help me post relevant information for library marketing. Enter the feedback loop, your comments are an important brenchmark and will be much appreciated.).

    I'm presently applying for professional library positions. I'm also on a part time basis looking to pursue a Ph.D at some point in the future. I'm a Business Librarian. But I do general reference work as well as medical research and legal research. I have become an activist as I believe that library services to children and young adults are very important as they provide for better informed future American voters and citizens. I'm presently attempting to get published in the professional journal literature under the basic topic of performing valuations on internet sites to determine the credulity of authorship, and the reliability and value of the information presented.

    I'm always interested in co-publishing with people. If you were interested in co-publication please feel free to email me.

    J. Allen degrees:

    4 year Bachelor of Science degree

    (Business Marketing Intelligence Researcher)
    Master's degree in Business Administration, Marketing.

    2 academic year ALA accredited,

    Master's degree of Librarianship.
    (Business Intelligence Reference Librarian)
    Currently enrolled part time in a Master's Program in Public Administration. Anticipated graduation date, Dec. 04

    I am proficient in searching the following databases.

  • Lexis Nexis
  • Euromonitor Market Research Monitor (International Business)
  • OCLC First Search
  • Proquest
  • WorldCat
  • Dialog
  • PsychInfo
  • Medline
  • Various Internet Search Engines

    I enjoy playing computer strategy games and creating web pages.

    Debate team participation:

    As an undergraduate I was active on the debating team. I also enjoyed my participation as a debate team member at the tournament level, where I participated in impromptu speaking events, and extemperaneous speaking events. Since then I've had occasion to speak in public regularly.



    (Please be advised professional business/infomation brokerage in no way constitutes legal advice. For legal advice contact a licensed lawyer.)

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