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 Internet Service  "Surf the Web"
Surf The Web!
Compare Best Selling ISPs!

Dial-Up  Copper.net   $9.95
Dial-Up  JOI Internet  $6.95
Dial-Up  NetZero  compare speed
Dial-Up  People-PC   $5.47 special

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 Modern Home Technology
Amazing Home Devices!

Wireless video cams and home controls.   PC to TV transmitters, Keyless Entry, Home Alarms and more...

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Free 5 Room Direct TV install
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 Free Computer Software!
FREE Computer Software

Free Office Software
Free Graphical Design Program Free Tabbed Web Browser
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Free Spy Ware Remover

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 Free Home Phone?.
Free Home Phone?
Unlimited Local-Long Distance
Caller ID and more Options
Voice Dialing and Voice Mail
Check Voicemail Online

Keep Your Number!

No Transfer Fee or Deposit!
$20 off your bill for each referral!

 1 Cent /Minute Phone Card  hot!
 Inspiration Corner
Ichthus Festival!
Ichthus Yearly Festival!
35th Annual Inspirational 3day music festival in Wilmore, KY!

Bay Area Chaplain
Houston Texas Bay Area, Weddings, Web-Cams, Audio - Video links and more...

The Passion of the CHRIST view trailer and official web site.

US Constitution online with names and addresses of your government representatives.



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FREE Multi-Room DIRECTV System

DISH Network by DishPronto

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