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INFO SERV MANAGEMENT LTD is located in Romania, the municipality of Targu Mures, capital city of Mures county, in the middle part of Transylvania. Targu Mures is not only an important tourist center thanks to its social, historical and cultural points of interest, but also an important economic center due to its industrial area. The location of Targu Mures is 378 km from Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, known as "The Little Paris" before the second World War.Transylvania, known as the country of the legendar count DRACULA  is a part of Romania,. Another important romanian city, the largest in Transylvania is Cluj Napoca, 101 km from Targu Mures. Transylvania is known also for its Middle Age castles, most of them being opened for visitors.  
In fact, some Transylvanian castles were used by Vlad III Dracula Tepes (pron. tsepesh), a fifteenth century viovode of Wallachia (romanian province). This historical figure inspired Bram Stoker his immortal classic, "Dracula" vampire villian.The border between truth and legend is often crossed, the Dracula touristical programs are very succsesful, the whole story being a good reason both for recreation and for business. 
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INFO SERV MANAGEMENT LTD has the experience of business in this area and has all the possibilities to asist you in the major business fields in Romania. We are also organised to promote your business, in thr Romania mass media and on line. The present day offers the largest opportunities for those who have the sense of the profitability. Exporters, investment opportunities, business contacts,  real estate, are real opportunities for Smart Investors. 


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Are you interested to start a business in or with Romania ? Very good idea ! But stop the adventure and ask us about the safest ways to do that! Now you have the possibility to be informed before starting business with Romania. You can rely upon us ! We can provide our clients with intelligence and experience in local business. We can advise you when and what to buy, when to sell and when to buy strong currency, which are the most profitable short or long time investments. Secure and confidential transactions. We have proven our abilities in a wide range of transactions for different clients. We offer our knowledge in a quite virgin territory: Romanian economy. Check the service list below:  
  • Legal advice for investors and tradesmen, new company registration, joint venture, company aquisition
  • Loans, banking 
  • Business plans 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Accounting, bookkeeping, tax planning, forecasting 
  • Management of entire financial operations 
  • Stock brokerage 
  • Real estate investments 
  • Financial investments 
  • Manpower management. 
  • NOTICE: During 1997-1998, there were made fortunes of billions with short time bank deposits. Now, you can benefit of an over 50 per cent per annum real interest, just in "passive business"  

    We help you to avoid risks with your investments. Your business is safe with us ! The Government set up an attractive legal system, low taxes or even tax free possibilities for several business fields, but you have to know them. Now is the best time to try a business in Romania. The first, will be... the FIRST !!! 

    INFO SERV MANAGEMENT LTD has its own marketing agency, a trade mark of the company: INFO MEDIA PRO. Follow this link to know more about this agency and the marketing offer. Doing business in or with Romania means making a lot of money. With us, you will do it safely and quickly. Feel free to contact us for any further details.  

    You can ask for any kind of the services listed above. Or you can ask us any question. Use confidently our e-mail address. 

    Take a tour of this site, check the links, then contact us.
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