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"How to Earn 3-Way Monthly Income Regardless of Who You Are
And Regardless Of What Your Level Of Internet Experience Is"

Follow These Simple Instructions And I *GUARANTEE* You Will Earn Monthly Income

                                                                by Jimmy D. Brown, President of

Monday, 11:04 A.M.
Re:  Guaranteed Monthly Income

Dear eMarketer:

I'll cut to the chase.  If you follow the Profits Vault Monthly instructions, I *guarantee* you will earn a monthly income for the rest of your life.

Now, that's a bold statement.  I don't make it lightly. And I'm not one to exaggerate.   I am just that confident in what you (whom I don't even know) can do with this fool-proof program.  ANYONE can succeed with Profits Vault Monthly

In fact, with three ways to earn monthly income, it's darn near impossible for you to not produce sales, commissions, and most dear to your heart...

...profits!  I'm talking money that's yours to keep.  At least until you give it to someone else :o)

So, let me give you those three easy ways to earn monthly income with Profits Vault Monthly...

Profit Stream #1
$20.00 Monthly Referral Commissions.  Enough of those "one-time" commissions.  You work hard to make a sale and you make $15.00 and that's it.

Well, not with Profits Vault Monthly.  We offer you a 66% commission EVERY MONTH!  You earn a whopping $20.00 PER CUSTOMER, PER MONTH for as long as they remain an active member. 

Let's do the math...

Refer 1 customer and earn $20.00 per month for life*
Refer 10 customers and earn $200.00 per month for life*
Refer 100 customers and earn $2000.00 per month for life*
Refer 1000 customers and earn $20000.00 per month for life*

*You earn monthly commissions for as long as the 
customer is an active member of Profits Vault Monthly. 

We provide you with all the training, advertising materials (classified ads, solo mailings, banner ads, keywords for pay-per-click search engines, etc.) and a ready-made list of high quality places to advertise online.

You get a website JUST LIKE THIS ONE to promote (your own unique affiliate link!)  -- it does all of the work for you!  It will be coded with YOUR Paypal information and you are paid INSTANTLY via Paypal when someone becomes a member through your referral. 

And you are paid every month through your Paypal account for as long as the member remains active.  No waiting on affiliate checks.  You are paid in "real time" at the point of purchase.  When someone joins through your referral link, you get paid AT THAT TIME.

That's $20.00 instantly when someone becomes a member through your affiliate link.  And $20.00 from that same member for every month they remain active.

Do you see how much we're paying out here?  The monthly fee is $29.97 and YOU earn $20.00 of that in commissions!

The great thing about the affiliate commissions is this: When you refer just two new members through your link, your own membership is already paid for and you are actually earning a profit!  It's so easy that most continue to stay active even if they are only making a small amount of money each month.
Hey, but that's only ONE of the three profit streams of Profits Vault Monthly...

Profit Stream #2
MASTER Reprint Rights to a Product You Can Sell for $19.97.  As a member you will receive a FRESH, NEW information product that you can sell and keep every penny for yourself!

Yep, you'll receive a reprint rights license to a high-quality eBook written by one of the web's most respected and well known "gurus", Jimmy D. Brown.  (That's me :o)  If you aren't familiar with my work, visit  Or, ask around.  Anyone who's been involved in web marketing knows who I am. 

Each month you'll receive a brand new product that is available exclusively to members of Profit Vault Monthly.  You will receive a MASTER reprint rights license to the product...meaning you can sell it to others and authorize them to sell it as well.  Anyone who obtains a copy of the monthly courses will be able to sell them.  (But, as a member, you'll have a VERY unique opportunity that no one else will have.  More on that in a minute)

The product will come with a ready-made sales letter, webpage, eBook graphic art and the product itself. Master reprint rights to these courses are valued at $97.00, but you'll be obtaining the license as part of your membership.

And members will be the FIRST one's to be able to sell these new products each month, giving you the first chance at profits.  Sell them for $19.97 and keep every penny.  It's that simple.

Want a sneak peek?  To take a look at the current product that is available for you to sell for $19.97, Click Here.
Remember how I said that ANYONE who obtains a copy of these products is authorized to sell them?  Remember -- you have MASTER reprint rights and are able to pass on reprint rights to all who purchase.  This is important, because it brings up...

Profit Stream #3
Backend Profits On Customized Affiliate Links.  These monthly products will be customized with YOUR Profits Vault Monthly affiliate code.  This is an *exclusive* benefit to members only.  There are two things that make this an incredible profit puller for you...

1. The eBooks themselves do selling for you AUTOMATICALLY.  When a customer buys the monthly product from you, then they are automatically exposed to your affiliate link and membership offer for Profits Vault Monthly.  Many will join because they want these same three Profits Streams for themselves!  That's good.  It's good because when they join through your eBook, it will be through YOUR AFFILIATE LINK!

That's $20.00 per month you'll be earning for the lifetime of the membership, thank you very much!

2.  Here's the exciting part.  When someone buys the monthly product from you they have reprint rights -- but they don't have CUSTOMIZATION RIGHTS! (that's a members only benefit)  So, when they begin to sell the product themselves to their customers... will still remain customized with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK!

And when their customers begin to sell the eBook to still other customers... will still remain customized with YOUR AFFILIATE LINK!

Unless a person joins Profits Vault Monthly (which means you'll earn the $20.00 per month affiliate commmission) then they will be selling copies of the monthly product that have YOUR affiliate link plugged right in.

Bottom line:  Your affiliate link can quickly be in front of hundreds and thousands of potential customers...automatically.

That means more customers.  Which means more $20.00 commissions deposited into your Paypal account!

*NOTE* There is an additional option available for customization.  In each of the monthly products there are also references to other products and services available online.  You can choose (there is a small fee for customization) to have these links also customized with your affiliate links to THEIR programs as well. Your monthly membership reprint rights products can actually turn into a super salesman for you, promoting multiple affiliate programs automatically and simultaneously!
Now, I don't know if this excites you or not.  But, it should.  If you don't see the potential here, then let's get ya some glasses because your vision is a bit fuzzy. :o)

Look, I'm not kidding when I tell you that anyone can figure this one out.   In fact, if you just follow the simple instructions inside your Profits Vault Monthly membership, I *GUARANTEE* you will earn income every single month for as long as you participate.

Is there another offer like that around?  Let me repeat it just in case you missed the enormous magnitude of what I am saying here, "If you just follow the simple instructions inside your Profits Vault Monthly membership, I *GUARANTEE* you will earn income every single month for as long as you participate."

You've convinced me.  What now?
How do I get started, and how does it work?

The entire process is fairly simple...

Step #1
Join Profits Vault Monthly. There is a Paypal order button below.  Just click on it and make your payment to join Profits Vault Monthly and receive your first month's product with reprint rights, your customization kit, your training instructions and your special affiliate referral link -- all within 30 seconds.  You'll have immediate access to everything you need to begin RIGHT NOW.
Everything is done through Paypal.  You will need a Paypal account (Premier or Business) to benefit from Profits Vault Monthly.  If you don't already have an account, you can signup for a new one by Clicking Here.  It's fast, free and easy to obtain your Paypal account. Click Here.  If you have a personal account, then upgrade to Premier or Business -- it's free, don't worry. :o)
With Paypal you can access your commissions INSTANTLY and with their free debit card you can actually have all of the cash you earn in your pocket within the hour!  No more waiting for affiliate checks!  You get your money WHEN YOU WANT IT! 

Step #2
Activate Your Profits Vault Monthly Account.  The first thing you'll do once you are inside the membership area is activate your account.  You'll be able to create your own unique username and password to use with the system.  Takes less than 30 seconds and then you're ready to begin your promotion...

Step #3
Complete the Training Checklist.  Nothing is left for you to guess about.  It's all laid out in clear, easy-to-understand tutorials.  You'll learn everything you need...

  • How to setup your webpage and order link to begin processing orders for your monthly products with reprint rights.  (NOTE:  Everything, including how to get Paypal to process your orders and how to upload everything to your own site)
  • How to customize your product to become your own automated salesman, promoting your Profits Vault Monthly affiliate link on remote control.
  • How to begin promoting your affiliate link to skyrocket your monthly commissions.  Remember, you earn $20.00 PER MONTH, PER CUSTOMER! Refer just ONE new member per day and you've got $600 per month. If you refer 50 new members to your link, then you'll earn a whopping $1,000 EVERY MONTH for as long as they remain members!  .
We've taken all of the guesswork out of this.  Everything is explained to you.  Just complete the training checklist and profits are on the way -- I *GUARANTEE* it!
Sounds great!  How much will it cost me?
Well, if you complete the checklist, it won't cost a dime!

The Profits Vault Monthly membership is $29.97 per month (you can cancel at any time with ZERO hassles -- it's done automatically at your request) which includes...

Profit Stream #1
$20.00 Monthly Referral Commissions. 
(Could be THOUSANDS every month!)

Profit Stream #2
MASTER Reprint Rights to a Product You Can Sell for $19.97. 
($97.00 value!)

Profit Stream #3
Backend Profits On Customized Affiliate Links. 
($39.95 value!)

Complete Step-By-Step Training
Everything You Need To Know In Order To Profit EVERY Month. 

But, here's the "no-brainer" part.  If you refer just two members to the Profits Vault Monthly membership, then you'll actually get your membership free AND will be earning a profit!
--------------Doing the Math---------------
Your membership is $29.97 per month.
You earn $20.00 per month, per customer referred.
2 Customers = $40.00 ($20.00 X 2) monthly commission.
$40.00 commission - $29.97 = $10.03 Profit!
Or, sell just two copies of the monthly product that you'll be gaining reprint rights to sell!  They sell for $19.97 each -- sell a couple of copies (I almost always sell 100+ per month from ONE email mailing) and you'll earn profit that way.

Or, maybe your customized links will do the work for you!

Here's the deal.  It's just darn near impossible for this not to be a big profit maker for you EVERY MONTH!  There are just so many EASY ways for you to earn income with Profits Vault Monthly.

Join Now For Instant Access To Profits Vault Monthly
Start Promoting Within Just a Few Minutes...

Ordering your Profits Vault Monthly membership just takes a few minutes and is accomplished in three simple steps...

  1. First, you'll pay the affiliate that referred you to this site their $20.00 commission.  (Just think, in just a few minutes, that will be YOU that others are paying!)
  2. Second, you'll need to pay $9.97 to Profits Vault Monthly to complete your membership.  (Did you notice that our affiliates earn TWICE as much as we do!)
  3. Third, you'll setup your username and password from inside the member's area to begin your membership.
It's that easy! 

Your sponsor is John Dane (

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All The Best!
Jimmy D. Brown
President of

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