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Earlier this year there were plans to re-establish the Montauk Project Center. However, due to recent events and the information that came into my possession, I can no longer support any of the ideas surrounding the Montauk Project 'conspiracy theory' and the Incunabula internet meme project.  A few people have asked "why you?" concerning my receipt of the information discussed below. I was contacted by the person and shown the information because of my personal association with 'Peter Moon' and other parties involved, among other personal reasons that I shall not being going into. It is not, as some have thought, simply because of this website. This website is NOT the reason for my involvement with the information. 

Below is what I published here in May 2001,  following that, is the current information that I am now prepared to release.


I was contacted by a man who claimed that he had documents and audio tapes of coversations that indicated certain individuals involved in the whole Montauk Project arena may have been purposely spreading disinformation.   Now, you might say, "no big deal", we all know that the Montauk Project subject matter and  the Ong's Hat info is always under question. It is the very nature of it's content and genre. However after meeting with this man, who I will call 'John', and seeing documents that he has, and hearing one of the tapes, I became more than a little concerned.  I am cautious about releasing the information as firstly, I do not want to disclose the information until I have investigated it further and secondly there are legal issues involved. If I should name names, those people could sue me for defamation as it could affect their reputation and income. Therefore left between a rock and a hard place, I have decided to release what I can, while protecting myself, and keeping to what matters in all this, the truth.

I want to discourage the usual petty arguing that tends to ensue over new information in this area and remind everyone reading this that I neither confirm my belief in this information, nor deny it. I present it as it stands and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. 

When I spoke with John he appeared scared. I asked him if this was because of the people involved in producing the disinformation, he replied "It's the reason for the disinformation that scares the shit out of me" . I discussed this 'reason' with him at length and the motives of the people involved. I suggested to John that surely all the information out there is not fake, he replied that there is always some truth in all lies and that a double bluff isn't as far as you can take it. He also made a dry joke about "practical jokers". I asked him how he came into possession of the documents and tapes and he has disclosed certain information pretaining to that to me, however at the moment I cannot release that information.  At this point I would like to state that I asked John for copies of the documents and tapes and he has not given them to me at this time. He has asked me to make it very clear that copies of them are with three other people, one of which is a lawyer.

Among other Montauk Project and Ong's Hat/Incunabula information, we discussed information from the Montauk books by Preston B Nichols and Peter Moon. I heard one person on the tape who is a prominent proponent of the Montauk Project theories. I heard this person discuss the process of the disinformation campaign that this Montauk Project subject has become and their role in it. They also spoke of another person by name who is involved.

All of the parties involved in 'passing on' the Monatuk Project and Incunabula information state that they do not necessarily pass the info on as fact.. They say that people should take it as they find it.  With this in mind you could say that if they have been spreading disinformation then it has been the reader's decision to believe in whatever they want. This would indeed be true to some extent, however, if they have been spreading disinformation that they KNEW to be such, then their lame attempt to pass the responsibility for their lies to the reader with the standard disclaimer is hardly justified.

After meeting with John, I was on my way home and I started to consider the implications of all this. People who claimed to have been exposing the manipulators were manipulating us with this information and had been doing so for nearly a decade.  I have to say that I did not want to believe it, but I couldn't pretend that I hadn't seen and heard what John had shown me. Whatever the truth is, this information raised issues that I knew were highly sensitive and far reaching. For quite some time I considered what to do. I decided on what precautions to take and then to go ahead with telling you what I can. I will continue to communicate what I can, as and when it is possible.


Within hours of the above information being published at this site, I received an email from Joe Matheny. He informed me that he had recently received a package that contained documents and a tape of a conversation that implicated certain parties, including Chica Bruce, of involvement with deliberate disinformation etc. He also asked me to telephone him so that he could discuss what I had seen and heard in the information that 'John' had shown me. He was keen to find out the identity of 'John' and anyone who was involved in releasing this information to the public.  Either he had received some information to make him aware of what I was about to be shown and therefore would know what I had seen was genuine, or he was trying to 'bluff' out the details from me, using his lies as bait. I stated that I was not prepared to discuss the identity of anyone invovled, or the information. I intended to investigate it further and would discuss what information he had seen sent if he wanted to. I then was sent an email that was written by a friend of Joe Matheny's, that asked him how they should "fuck with me" over the information I was releasing.

Over a period of days I was bombarded with emails making threats against me. Also telephone calls, including those made to a friend of mine who is not actually involved in any of this. This particular friend was not one of the people who were with me, when I went to meet 'John', who also witnessed the documents and tape. Among the calls were threats that had been made to me via email by a person who has now been identified as a friend of Joe Matheny.  Because of the abuse and threats that I received, I advised Joe Matheny that I would not be discussing anything with him.

A few hours later I received a call from 'Peter Moon'. He asked me what was in the information that I had seen and who was named. I told him I didn't want to discuss it and he attempted to use our 'friendship' to procure the details from me. I refused to be drawn on it. He asked me if it had anything to do with Joe Matheny's membership of the OTO and Golden Dawn (which we had discussed before) I refused to answer. It should also be noted here that in previous conversation with 'Peter Moon' he has told me that Joe Matheny had considered "admitting that the Ongs Hat/Incunabula thing was a hoax, but because he has invested so much into it he can't". Peter informed me that "you are the weakest link and have been voted off". By the time Joe Matheny had later emailed me about how I should "realise the consequences of black dear" I was getting used to their brand of dark threatening (so-called) humor.

Also during the telephone conversation with 'Peter Moon', he told me that I should not go any further with any information as Joe Matheny would litigate against me for anything I said about him. When I updated this site with that statement, but without naming 'Peter Moon' at the time, Joe Matheny emailed me demanding the name of the person who had said that about him as he would sue them for misrepresentation. When he was made aware that in was in fact 'Peter' who had told me, Joe said he "of course I would not sue Peter". 'Peter Moon' stated in the same telephone conversation that Joe had "shut up Marshall Barnes so he can't even move, or say a word, so what do you think he could do to you". 'Peter' made it very clear 'who'  you are dealing with when you are dealing with Joe Matheny.

The forum at Dark Planet and website were taken down at the demand of Joe Matheny within days, as there were posts there that Joe Matheny did not want people to read, or contribute to. I was told by Joe Matheny via email that he was telling Denny (who supposedly 'runs' the DP forum and website) to take them down. This is exactly what Denny did. After I posted here at this site about what Joe Matheny had said and done concerning Dark Planet and the DP forum. Denny emailed me with an abusive email, threatening action if I did not remove all references about the DP closure from this site (so typical of the Matheny mindset) I refused and also pointed out that Denny had emailed me several times over a long period from last year and that I found his sudden change in description of himself strange; in different emails he had protrayed himself with a different age and background etc. When I pointed this out to him he 'backed down' over his threats and tried to 'ask' me to remove the information. I again refused. Denny has put a blurb of propaganda up at 'his' website Dark Planet, to try to limit the damage done by the sudden closure of the DP website and forum. There were also some abusive and inane posts at the DP forum by a person going by the name of 'Harla Quinn', I have been told by a reliable source who is well aquainted with her, that she suffers from multiple personality disorder and even denied remembering posting the 'Harla Quinn' posts. She also posted a lengthy so-called 'legal' post at DP that she later denied having done even though she has a minor job in a law firm and that was why she came out with it.

The above details are to inform everyone of the events that have surrounded my decision to publish here, that in my opinion ( based on the documents and tape, I have seen and heard, and my personal experience) the Montauk Project conspiracy and Incunabula/Ongs Hat meme project are not what they purport to be at all. They are designed for something which is far more dangerous and insidious than any of the stories that surround those two 'programs'.

I can confirm that the documents and tape that I saw and heard did include information on all those involved in promoting the Montauk Project and Incunabula disinformation.  I can confirm that the documents and information involved, include (among other organisations, private and government) OTO documents and those of the Scientologists. One 'coincidence' to note here, is that at no time until now have I mentioned the involvement of the Scientologists, however they have seen fit to attempt to deter me from releasing any of the information at this website. They knew what it concerned even though I had not even mentioned them. I am aware that the links between the OTO, Scientology, and naval personnel, are known and that 'Peter Moon' has 'covered that base' by writing into the Montauk 'story', a 'history' of his account of 'leaving' them before starting to write the Montauk books. However the information I have seen and heard does not concur with the public image being portrayed at present, and what is currently publically available is far from the whole story.  It is also a common tactic for people to mention a 'part' of the truth (like 'Peter Moon's' involvement with the Scientology) so that when the whole truth comes out, people revert to the first thing they heard.

Due to the nature of the information that I have seen and heard I am stating here that I am not in possession of any of the evidence that I have seen and heard. I have been informed that there are at least three copies of everything and that they are with different people, one of which is a lawyer.  The information has, in part, been released elsewhere already, in Europe. These sources can be found by those who are willing to investigate further.

I  have copies of all emails and telephone conversations that I have received from all those named above, and others concerning this. Copies of those are with independent parties. I have taken legal advice concerning all of the above information and I suggest others do the same instead of sending me any further threatening emails, that includes Joe Matheny. - The Paranormal Search Engine

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