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the name is bond!
Information uk 2002 is all about information and how much you need to do anything you want.
all we do is try to make sence of stuff that might be a pain in the networking world of running a business from home like all network idears they follow the same kind of pattern and take'th before they give'th away!
But there are one or two that do okay in the moral balance of things.
So what is networking? well monkeys do it, business people are always at it and if you want to get along at work then you have to do it. It's not butt kissing but it is getting the old mug in there and hanging out with the one who knows all just to be a part of the picture, Finding out who knows what or what is the latest thing, I think you know what i mean. 
Now, what did i mean by all that taking before giving stuff, Well nearly all networking business's give you seminars to go to and training stuff that could be audio tapes and books which you buy and learn from, Okay i do understand the learning thing like, "hi there i'v got this, theres the information on the product and it cost this much.....want some".....
I would imagen there are hundreds of different ways of doing that!
The bottom line is that there are people who start these things and watch them grow then they find that there is enough people doing what they started to then make money from them! easy is'nt it.
But the real cheek is the people who started it get really rich then tell you that you can be rich too! but there getting rich not from the product selling but from the people buying the learning stuff to become rich and the product becomes second fiddle.........Which what network marketing can be!
There are some home base business's that do the job just fine and there are others who have what i call "fanatics of money" these groups see a good idear and then turn it into something it was not designed to turn into, then they tell you that you will not succeed without there organization........like selling stuff was like rocket sience!
They get you to buy all there stuff that is meant to help you aswell as joining the one thing that will make you money then when you are making money you end up giving your profit to buy this organizations stuff that will help you to get rich.......Doh!
Okay, I think you have it, Now i'll tell you about a very good home business idear that has been turned into something quite bad in my oppinion and it will also answer why there will never be any saturation of any network marketing idear.
First things first, All prduct sold in any network marketing business must have the stamp of approval from the direct selling association and if it has not then dont do it. Click on either picture to go to there website >
"come and join me"
AMWAY have been trading in the uk since the early 70's and i think is one of the good guys, It has changed due to the work that alot of groups have put in and changed in the way of distribution which was always a problem and on it's travels picked up a tag of being a pyramid business and in the early days it might have been but when that was made illigal the business changed with the times.
It is now, one of the best if not the best ways to make extra income but aslong as you keep arms length away from the IBS side of the business which will rub you up into a frenzy then take all your earnings from your business......how? okay down to the nitty gritty. IBS do training tapes and books which are to do with motorvation so you have to buy these....? they also do a weekly tape aswell, so you buy 4 weekly tapes a month a motorvational tape a month and a book of the month! all this comes to 28.00 to 30.00 per month.
Then there are the seminars at about 14.00 per month oh and not forgetting every three months there is a major function and they are about 60.00 a ticket........not finished yet!...every other month there is a training to go to which would be something like 3.00 to enter..........And all this tells you the same stuff over and over and over again! and you keep paying out over and over and over again.
now you do the math....there are 80,000 destributers in the uk and all are on IBS so just times all that by the total pay out you do a month and..............bingo! the people at the top are making a fortune telling you to work harder and take notice of what they say and oh yes buy those books and tapes cos you will not become rich without them...........wait a minute, thats a job isnt it. not so much your business.....but was it ever?
Well the answer to this is yes, it was always your business, all you have to do is say no to IBS and build a business with amway not IBS and you will be fine, trust me, i did it and i'm saving money and making money with the help of amway not IBS.
Amway do have one of the best hotels in the world......
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There he is, Mr IBS.
"SPONSOR, SPONSOR, SPONSOR, forget about the products just get people to join and buy those books and tapes"
Just think, you would spend 400.00 per. year on books, tapes, tickets and trainings. so would 80,000 others.

total= 32000000

And there are two couples running the IBS business.
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warning! always be aware of this kind of thing, but with amway you can make money. just please find out all you need and dont fall into any traps.