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Related pages for business continuity planning and disaster recovery can be found at: Also please feel free to check other technical pages we have on the web.

This page contains resources and links for business continuity planning and disaster recovery. It is a good starting point, and we hope that the information we've provided proves helpful. We recommend that you augment the information on this page with the following books:These books in our opinion are invaluable resources for each phase of the business continuity planning cycle.

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BCP and DR Papers

  • BCP and DR Articles Contents: Developing an Effective DR Plan, 3-part series of articles titled Common Mistakes in Business Resumption Planning, Weak Spots in DR Plans, Staging DR Plans, Testing DR Plans, Disaster Avoidance, and Advanced Recovery Techniques
  • BCP and DR Templates Contents: An impact survey, disaster recovery planning guide and business continuity planning template (all in MS Word format)
  • Recovery Checklists Contents: A series of checklists to be used by business continutiy planners: human resources response, Incident checklist, security posture checklist, basic questionnaire, alternate site space review checklist, call center customer considerations, and recovery capability checklist (Acrobat and Word formats)
  • Risk Assessment Manual Contents: Network Risk Assessment manual (MS Word format)
  • Information Protection Guidelines Contents: Practices for Protecting Information Resources Assets (MS Word format)
  • Managing Recovery Contents: Whitepaper by Linda Zarate and Mike Tarrani. Alternate version is also available. See also: Story board used to develop paper.
  • Facilities Management Manual Contents: Example facilities management policies and procedures by Linda Zarate and Mike Tarrani. See also: Research Notes used to develop manual.

BCP and DR Links

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