Q: What is an InfoShaman? A: A generalist. A repository of arcane information. A triviologist. A virtual encyclopedia of random factoids. A recovering librarian. A humanities major in a dot.com world.
Q: Why should I bother looking at this Website? Good question. Let me know if you find an answer. Hint: The answer may contain the word "enlightenment".. Or, then again, it may not.
Q: The URL for this page ends in ".com". What can I buy here? Not much. A few books. InfoShaman thinks there may be more to life than shopping for stuff. F'rinstance, there's housing the stuff you've already bought; there's dusting or cleaning that stuff; storing it; insuring it; buying furniture to keep it in; keeping track of it; repairing or mending it; disposing of or recycling it; or determining which of your survivors will inherit it.
Q: Is the InfoShaman a real person? Do any of us really know what reality is?

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