Webster's New World Dictionary defines it as a gloomy, often neurotic feeling of generalized anxiety and depression. Cool. Webster's also has the word capitalized and lists its pronunciation as "aaaaahngst". But who cares if I pronounce it wrong? Webster's isn't the boss of me. Angst is the excuse I use for being such a strange little girl, and for not wanting to wear make-up and worship material possesion like the other children. Angst for all!
Top Ten signs you aren't worthy of angst

10. When talking online, you use phrases like LOL, coolies, and LLYAS
9.  You believe in true love
8.  You actually care when you have a bad hair day
7.  You consider cheerleading a real sport
6.  You think Carson Daly is cute and/or watch TRL
5.  Your AOL screen name is something to the effect of "QTchicka457" or "PrINcEsS4JEsUs238"
4.  You actually think your life is worth something
3.  You think you have to wash your clothes after EVERY single wear (a pair of jeans is good for two or three wears, I swear it!)
2.  You think piercings are from Satan
1.  You wear Abercrombie and Fitch
KT's thoughts on angst for the moment: To angst is to see love as nothing more than an add-on for the great scheme things. I'm continually asked: "Why?" and if you honestly want the truth, the answer is I just don't care. I just don't care, and I try to feel the pain you feel but it just isn't there. Love is a whore of word.