Frequently Asked Questions
(and not so frequently asked questions)
1. What was the purpose of creating this site?
   Well, me being a total geek, I've always wanted a website. I've come up up with more wicked ideas for websites than a parrot on heroin.... And thats alot. Naturually I don't have the talent or attention span to make a good website for any one of those ideas, so I just said to myself, "Hey why don't I throw all those freaky ideas together in one utterly retarded and utterly brilliant site!" (I really did say that to myself, out loud and everything.) So here it is, and more of my freakyness is being conceived and added everyday.

2. Why did you pick a name like infoskank?
   Muffins. And your mother's a whore.

3. Where do you get all your quotes?
   My quotes come from all over the place. Some are from cartoon shows, the back of T-shirts, people I know, people I don't know but they still give me their quotes, message boards, anime, and god knows where else.

4. Who is Lain?
   Lain is god.... or is God god? Um anyway yeah. Lain is an anime character from one of my all time favorite anime series, Serial Experiments: Lain. As you can tell I have lots of pretty pictures of her that I like the world to see.

5. Who, in your opinion, are the five hottest people?
   Ryan, Michelle Branch, Britney Spears, Brandon Boyd, and a certain long-haired hottie who shall remain anonymous.

6. Is it a bad thing to mix cheezits with ice cream?
   No. And don't let anyone else tell you any differently.

7. Are you bi?
   No. Just open-minded.

8. What is your favorite movie, band, song, flavor of icecream, male anime character, color, sailor scout, and web comic?
Boa, Duvet, cookie dough, Spike Speigel, black, Sailor Mars, and J-Walkin.

9. What's your newest catch phrase?
   "Hug a rainbow." and also "That is so boss."

10. Is there no end to the madness?

11. Would you really have sex with me? (this is probably THE most frequently asked question)
   I don't believe in sex. But if I did, yes, I probably would.

12. Why are you moving?!

   I'm finally able to leave my lies behind, leave my misery in this abyss, leave my petty emotions behind. I'm moving so I can get the hell outta here. *pause* Oh, boo-hoo, as if you even care you posers!

13. Why is the guestbook not working? Why does the rant say one thing, but this page over here says another? What happened to the logo? Why haven't you updated? Etc, etc, etc.
   Because there are evil demons in this world who wish you misery. That's why.