All the links on this page have gone through KT's Magical Link Machine, which means they have been thoroughly inspected and approved as being skankaliciously wonderful! You won't find a single sucky link on here, and if you do feel free to yell at me for it.
The Official Boa Website - This is the official website for the greatest band out there right now. You must go there and check out this band. I command it.

The Jazz Messengers: A viewers guide to Cowboy Bebop
- A very lovely site run by a very nice lady. Information and KICK-ASS MUSIC from an intriguing anime. Go there and give her money, too.

The Interactive Sailor Moon Coloring Book
- A fun place to color pretty pictures of hot bishoujo.

- An extremely funny and awesome webpage, whether you've seen the series or not.

thought experiments lain
- One of the most extensively informed Lain sites out there, with tons of great information and links.

Dub This!
- A comic about anime fans, teeming with drama, humor, and hot bishonen.

Tiki: Girl Without a Cause
- The very humorous adventures of a crazy blonde named Tiki, including pictures that demontrate her superb art skills.
- You can do ANYTHING at

Angry People
- The funniest god damn thing on the internet. Sheer brilliance, I tell you. SHEER BRILLIANCE.

Eat the Roses
- An EXTREMELY good mystery/comedy web comic, beautifully drawn. Besides that, it's called "eat the roses". How could you not want to see something with as cool a name as "eat the roses"?

- Godliness in web comics. Cursing, ninjas, nipples of doom, a sock, and muffins. Well, there aren't actually muffins, but it's certainly worthy to have them!

esjay's page -  A semi-intriguing, prettyful site. If I was as cute as this girl, I'd put my picture on my buttons, too. People like this, who have real talent, make me feel bad about myself. 

Jixby Phillip's Page O' Fun - A page o' fun, basically. Lots of hilarious material for those with dry, cynical, and elitist senses of humor.

Labryinth Within Your Heart - A fabulous site dedicated the awesome movie "Labyrinth". I don't call many sites "fabulous" so you know I really dig this one.