A home for all the crap that doesn't really go with anything else. Although, this whole site is sort of miscellaneous... Oh well. I just don't consider myself cool unless I have a miscellaneous page.
Infoskank animation - a lovely present from William. The link doesn't work, but its still prettyful anyway.

KT's inside jokes - Here they are for you to laugh at... although you won't get them. How's that for elitist, babeh?
And now... this list of Things that Are Incredibly Stupid But People Do Them Anyway

1. Saving instant message conversations where people make embarrassing conversations, and then putting them up on the internet.
2. Dwelling on the past.
3. Snorting Paxil.
4. Telling some psycho girl on Yahoo that she can be your online girlfriend because you think it will shut her up.
5. Locking your keys in your car. While it's running.
6. Telling someone you love them.
7. Going to Starbucks and ordering a "Frozen Frappucino"
8. Asking loudly in health class, "What's an anus?"
9. Trying to convince a Christian that it's okay to be gay.
10. Fighting on the internet (I'm sure we've all heard the Special Olympics analogy)
11. Going to a Mexican restaurant and asking for "chili con queso with cheese."
12. Trying to convince a straight person that there really is a big difference between bisexuals and gays.