Tori And Taylor "Carebear" Thompson
Hey! This is a new fansite for Tori and Taylor Thompson-those adorable little carebears from American Juniors! When we can get a better layout up trust me, I will put it up!!
Tori! Taylor!
Welcome to this new fan site for the Talented two some  Tori and Taylor ! They are the cutest carebears!  They are so sweet and talented and we love them.  We hope you enjoy this site!  We will be adding a lot more stuff in the near future that we hope you enjoy!

Any questions, comments, concern? Something we didn't credit you properly for? Wanna donate something to our site? Email us at Thanks for visiting!

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Screen Caps:
Offical Pictures
Tori- Let 'er Rip Caps
Taylor-Shoop Shoop Song Caps
Group two result show Caps
Taylor- Proud Mary Caps
Taylor- Proud Mary Encore
Tori-Bad Moon Rising Caps
Tori-Love The One With Caps
Concert Special Caps
Christmas Special Pictures
Other Pictures
Boston Pictures
U-Pick Live Caps
Slime Time Live Claps

Make Your Own Kind of Music
Do You Love Me
It's Still Rock And Roll To Me
Your Are The One
Cheese Burgers For Me
Sun Down

1-7-04- Something happened to the audition ep. screen caps. When I get a chance, probably this weekend, I will upload them again.

1-15-04- Fixed Taylor's Shoop Shop Caps, something happened and they weren't working.  I might if I get a chance tonight add more caps...right now I just want to fix the ones that aren't working. Thanks!

3-16-04- Sorry for the lack of updating, things have been crazy for me! I fixed up Taylor's proud mary preofromance and encore pages, the pics weren't working. I'm going to add some more stuff today. (I hope)I also added The Group's "You Are The One" Caps

3-17-04- Added It's Still Rock and Roll To Me and Make Your Own Kinda Music

6-8-04-Added Do You Love Me Caps, Added more Concert Special Caps and will be added more Christmas Special Caps(Will try and get lots more!), added cheese burgers for me and Sun Down caps, and finally added United We Stand Caps.. Whew! Was I busy today! lol! I believe I actually got all the preformaces up here. If I find other pictures that I want to add I will be sure to do that. I might fix up the concert special page more so that way I can put up a lot more pictures. However, I think that is all the updating for today I will be doing.

I also just wanted to appologize for the lack of updating but school and my grades was a major priority so I had to devote my attention fully to school. I'm pretty sure I'm one of the few thompson fan sites so I want to make sure I keep this updated!
I also just wanted to say thanx for all the really sweet comments. They mean a lot to me. You guys are the reason I do this site!

9-18-04- Sorry for the lack of updating. My computer has been on the fritz. I could not open anything that opened in a new window. Now that my comp is up and working I'm gonna be adding some new stuff so keep an eye out for it! :) I'll post what I'll be adding when I get this all fixed up. I had to remove some of the dead pictures. If I get a chance I'll add them back.

9-19-04- I'm not sure what else I'm gonna add so I'll prob be adding a poll to determine what u guys want.
Disclaimer: I am not Tori and Taylor. I am not associated with either of them or Fox. I am just a fan making a site for two of my favorites on my favorite show.  Thank you for understanding.

Note: Please when you sign the guest book do not pose as Tori and Taylor or pretend that you know them. Thank you!
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