I started this site because i wanted to have a guide, just as a book, but online. Some people may say that i will expose secret spots, but everyone deserves to have a little slice of Oregons fisheries. I ask that when ever you go to the areas i have listed on this site, that you:
1. Don't litter
2. Take a garbage bag and pick up other peoples trash.
3. Be respectful of other fishermen.
4. Stick to the trails as much as possible.
5. Please practice catch and release so that future generations have the same experiances as us.
Now when ever you go some where to fly fish please share your experiances, you dont have to say what exact spot you like to fish, just help this site out by giving some tips.
(Do not rely on this site for fishing regulations, always check current regulations)
Using The Site
Ok now how to use this site. First of all if you have a particular stream in mind use the site search. If you are just looking in a region, click on the drop down menu below and go to Guide.
RED=closed areas
BLUE=Title of fishery
YELLOW=Info on fishery
BLUE w/ underline=Link to the printed fishery

Your on your way, now if you have any suggestions, comments, tips, etc. mail me at
Send in your reviews, tips and pictures of Oregon Fishing Waters