I think the band broke up... Nothing was ever said to me about a break-up, but seeing that we never practice anymore or do a god damn thing, I'm just going to consider this as a break-up and let this band and site go.  Good bye.
Two months later... Infringed has finally came back from musical hibernation.  The band hasn't practiced in two months, and things finally started coming back together as of last Saturday night.  Things have just been slow because Zech has been occupied with multiple side projects, Josh has been occupied with some new relations, Kyle's been rebelling, and Adrian's been lagging.  Thanks go out to Dan who hasn't been causing any shit.  Check the Media section's side project area for the low-down on the latest side projects.
As of last night, I took the liberty of revising the band's biography on here.  It seemed to have been needing it.  In other news, Dan and I (Zech) have started a new side project with a couple friends.  Once we get the necessary materials, a link to our new site will be posted in the 'side projects' section of the Media area on here.
Long time, no update.  Well, there hasn't been much to post in the past month on here.  Our band practice location has moved as of 2 or 3 weeks ago.  We now rehearse at Josh and Dan's new place in west side Modesto.  Also, we're putting on a small show at their house on 1/11/03 (next Saturday).  Get in touch with Josh or Zech for more information on that.  We'll try to get further information on here in the next day or two.