Just as Things Were Getting Good


    As of April 10, 2002 Ingalls Pro Wrestling was given a court order to shut down by the town of Ingalls Indiana.  To avoid court hearings, fines, penalties, and a lot of crap we have complied with these orders to tear down our ring.  On April 20, 2002 we wrestled for what may have well been our last time.  IPW will be missed.  Our fans have already asked us to keep it going.  In all honesty shutting down our backyard wrestling is like loosing a good friend.  All of us at IPW want to thank each one of you who has watched us wrestle or supported us by emailing us through our website. 

        Ingalls Pro Wrestling was never about proving to the world that we were the best or most hardcore it has always been about having a good time.  Our careers as backyard wrestlers have taught us there is more to life than proving ourselves to others.  IPW has revealed to the town of Ingalls that life does not have to be boring.  We’ve shown many of our younger fans something we did not learn when we were their age.  If we would have only know there was more to life than running around the town, getting high and pretending to hate life, many more of us at the IPW would not have ended up in jail, gotten busted, ran around in fear of ourselves and the police and lets face it we would of had more money.




 IPW has always strived to be a top-notch show.           

 We have special effects that rival some of the professional leagues here in Indiana.  We have a two camera video system, self starting fireworks for or entrance, and excellent computer animated title screens for our movie’s intros.  Our wrestling and commentating have always brought a laughs and comedy to us and to fans.  To most of us Ingalls Pro Wrestling we always be known as one of the best backyard wrestling groups.       




    Just as things were getting good, Ingalls Pro wrestling comes to a close.  We appreciate all the time and effort that everyone has given us.  And as a favor to us we would ask that you sign our guest book and feel free to email each us.  We will be selling the past episodes of our backyard wrestling tapes for what the tape and shipping and handling is worth. 



IPW and all of our backyard wrestlers thank you!




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