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(v1.00) Download!

(v1.10) Download!
  • This is the first DirectX 8.1 based game from Ingen!
  • Uses Ingen's in-house GEM Game Engine for all effects!
  • Download zip-unscramble.tmp. Rename this to zip-unscramble.exe. Execute this. Provide a destination folder and Install. Execute Unscramble.exe to start game!

  • Game Audio can now be configured through the CONFIGURE menu
  • Game can be configured to run in a Window on the desktop instead of running on full screen (supported resolution in both modes: 800x600)
  • If the game fails to start then it creates an error log, named, "gem_log.txt" in the folder that contains the executable. Please e-mail this log to or to help us find a solution
  • Download zip-unscramble1-1.tmp. Rename this to zip-unscramble1-1.exe. Execute this. Provide a destination folder and Install. Execute Unscramble.exe to start game!

    (Minimum Requirements: 32-bit Windows Operating System and DirectX 8.1)

Bhav-copy downloader

  • Allows the user to quickly download (Bhav-copy) Price-Volume data files from NSEIL's website for any specified period
  • Extremely useful for backoffice operations of stock-broking firms or for stand-alone traders

Bookstore Management System

  • A complete inventory management system for bookstore owners
  • User can keep detailed records of book publishers and customers
  • Calculates outstanding balances and automatically generates bills for various transactions
  • Reports can be generated during any phase of inventory management
  • Data Backup facility has also been provided

  • (developed for Elango Agencies)


  • This is a customized cataloguing application
  • It helps in managing an information database of books on the Hindu religion that are available in libraries across India
  • An Administrative module enables Pushtimarg to update the database with textual and graphical information from the books
  • An end-user module enables the clients of Pushtimarg to access the catalogue's database and find out the availability and details of any book in any affiliated library across India
  • The modules can be used in two scripts, namely, English and Devnagari
  • Context-sensitive help has been provided for both modules

  • (developed for

Client Warehouse

  • A Customer Information Database Management System for small-business owners
  • Fast search feature to quickly locate any customer's information from the database
  • Can be linked to a caller line identification module to immediately display the caller's information when a call is received by the module

  • (developed for Comstar Systems)

Payroll System

  • A package to generate employee payroll
  • The payroll is generated department-wise, location-wise, cost-centre-wise, grade-wise and designation-wise
  • Calculates the income-tax for all employees of the company
  • Manages eligibility for loan, issuance and repayment of loans with interest calculation for any employee
  • Generates Payslips for all employees or employees based on categories (department, location, grade, etc.)
  • Generates Bank statements (Form 16) to be submitted to various banks and also generates a detailed salary register for filing purposes
  • Facility to generate various kinds of Reports
  • Maintains employee perks like HRA, LTA, PF, etc.
  • Other features include: Leave Management, Advance Salary payment, Revision of Salary, generation of Journal Vouchers, etc.
  • Facility to view data for current employees as well as ex-employees

  • (developed for Boston Education and Software technologies pvt. ltd.)

Stock Chart Analyzer

  • This is an artificially intelligent tool for technical analysis of stocks
  • The software accepts Bhavcopy (Price-Volume) data files as input and displays stock charts as output
  • Charts can be viewed in various formats. For example, line graph, simple bar graph, 4-in-1 bar graph and Japanese candlestick
  • Charts are color-coded based on price movements
  • Charts can be zoomed in and out to analyse stock price and volume movement over the selected period
  • Various technical indicators can be plotted over the stock chart. For example, Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving Average, Moving Average Convergence-Divergence, Stochastic Oscillator, Relative Strength Index, Bollinger band, Rate of Change, etc.
  • Artificially Intelligent software routines carry out fast automatic search of stock data based on user input to create a list of desirable stocks

Vocabulary Builder

  • Helps enhance your vocabulary skills in the English language
  • A simple match-the-columns technique provides a fun and unique way of learning new words. The user has to match words with meanings or vice-versa. Sample sentences are also displayed to facilitate a calculated decision
  • Users can take tests for words of particular alphabets or work on all words at once
  • After the user submits answers for the test, the results are displayed. The user can also view the correct answers after every test
  • Words once answered correctly do not appear in the tests unless the user resets the particular category of words
  • A Vocabulary entry screen allows the user to enter new words into the word-bank
  • This is a very useful tool for aspirants of GRE, CAT, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.

Windows Operator

  • This is a task and operation scheduler and tweaker for the windows operating system
  • It can be used to control any application/window on the local machine
  • The user can create a list of operations/tasks that need to be performed after specified intervals of time have elapsed
  • A huge number of operations can be scheduled, for example, buttons can be clicked, words can be typed, applications can be launched or killed, system can be shutdown, etc.
  • Very useful when a huge number of macro and micro operations need to be performed over large periods of time. For example, a user may want to record certain TV programs when (s)he is out on a vacation. In this case, the user can create a list of operations and leave the rest to the application, which will perform every operation on time
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