New Threads
JExplorer shows the folder's content in another thread. This power feature allows us to navigate more easy and with major control.

Film view
This type of view allow us to see the image files in the browser.

This tool allow us to see the contents of the selected files. Any programer can add viewers, they only need to follow the next steps...

JExplorer is a file manager written with Java. It wants to be the file manager for the JOS Proyect. It's free software and has been released under the GNU public licensed. It's an Open Source proyect.

You can visite:

New Features

  • You can execute jar files from JExplorer and you can open files if they have associated a jar file. Edit the FileTypes.xml file (jexplorer/bin/resources) to introduce the Jar files. At this moment the txt files are associated to the textpad (a very little java editor).
  • Drag and Drop: You can Drag and Drop files between two JExplorer instances or between JExplorer and Jext or to any other Dropeable aplication (Windows Desktop, etc.).
  • Favorites: Drag and Drop the folders that you want to see in the favorites tab.
  • Copy/Paste: Use the new copy/paste features to manage your files.
  • The new version uses the JAXP API. You can download it from the Java web site.

Copyright (c) 1999 - 2004 Inigo Gonzalez