International Metis Women's Council
The International Metis Women's Council is comprised of  Metis (mixed-blood) Native American women who have come together to help the mixed-blood descendants of all Native American and First Nations people.

We strive to be a peaceful voice for change and to work for international recognition of people of Metis (mixed Native) heritage.

Historical and current genocidal practices of federal, state and provincial governments have sought to eliminate the "Indian Problem" by death and/or assimilation. We have not been assimilated! We did not die off!

We, our children and our grandchildren continue to exist and practice the heritage and cultures of our particular ancestors. We hope to join women together of all walks of life, tribal members and non-tribal members, who are proud of their heritage and culture --- women who seek to see those individual  and tribal cultures endure and stand recognized regardless of artificial blood  quantum laws. If you would like to join in this effort, please contact us.
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